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Ashmont Grill

Category: Eclectic

555 Talbot Avenue, Boston, MA 2127


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Ashmont Grill - Reviews from across the web

Get cozy and stay awhile at the Ashmont Grill
Theres something innately appealing about a restaurant that has milk and hot dogs on the menu alongside more upscale offerings such as espresso, grilled squid with spicy aioli, and a flourless chocolate torte. It says: We want you to be c...

Ashmont Grill Reviews and Information - restaurant reviews and dining recommendations - Boston.com
This sassy new restaurants fare is resolutely American, fine quality and very reasonable. But the draw has much to do with its clientele, a wide swath of the neighborhood and beyond, all of whom seem thrilled that Ashmont Grill is open....

It's hip, it's diverse, it's in Dorchester
The story of Ashmont Grill, the new shining star in a gritty part of the city, reads like a made-for-TV movie. Chris Douglass, the respected chef-owner of Icarus, the upscale South End restaurant, decides to open a place in the Dorchester nei...

The signature drinks are pretty... - Brenda
The signature drinks are pretty tasty.. the o mojito is a little too tangy for me but the butterfly its...

This restaurant cant fail with... - tblade
This restaurant cant fail with its prime location sandwiched between the foot of toney Ashmont Hill and Ashmont Station. The new Ashmont Grill serves quality food that tastes good - often times great; however, they do not deliver the top t...

Beware! Went once, havent been... - NH
Beware! Went once, havent been back. Its overpriced trendy food. The wait staff are the investors incompetent relatives. Although Im an Ashmont Hill resident, I travel over to CF Donavans for dinner and drinks - not as pretentious and gr...

The Ashmont grill is certainly... - Claudia
The Ashmont grill is certainly the in-place to go in the Ashmont Hill area, and the look and feel of the place is great. However, the food is overpriced and not that great. Fifteen dollars for a slice of vegetabl...

I ordered the Vegetarian Red... - PRM
I ordered the Vegetarian Red Curry, couldnt finish it and brought the rest home. Ingredients were listed for this dish but there was no mention of peanuts. My daughter tasted it at home and we spent the next 24 hours in...

Dorchester has been in need... - GPL
Dorchester has been in need of a restaurant of this type and quality, especially in the Ashmont area. The food quality, selection and presentation is excellent. Prices are a little high by the end of an evening, but it is wor...

Without regard to price or... - Steve
Without regard to price or ambience, my wife and I adventured to this place on a whim to celebrate with our good friend on her birthday. Our friend is totally deaf, but the bartender and wait staff at this place were...

Weve been three times. The... - JJ
Weve been three times. The food quality is generally good, but can be very uneven. The burger and the daily specials have been excellent but the salad with the blue cheese and bacon was tasteless as were the chicken wings, whi...

We were excited it finally... - Amy
We were excited it finally opened and went in the 2nd or 3rd week it was opened. Service was beyond POOR. They couldnt/wouldnt accommodate (after a 1hour + wait) a request for a salad without cheese on it. After almost 2 ho...

I really was excited when... - CD
I really was excited when I heard about the Ashmont Grill Opening, but I was dissapointed when I went. I have been twice, and I love the atmosphere, because everyone from the neighborhood is there, but the food was n...

I think its amazing that... - Doug
I think its amazing that all the reviews by customers are iffy at best and the restaurant reviewers gush about the place. We went to the Ashmont Grill last night and I have to agree with the CUSTOMER reviews and question th...

The quality of the food... - Tom
The quality of the food was good. Unfortunately the value was not. The prices are too high and the portions are too small. A $145 bill for three people (before tip) was much higher than the food warranted. I...

The Ashmont Grill is a... - KM
The Ashmont Grill is a fantastic addition to the neighborhood. I was pleasantly surprised by the eclectic atmosphere and the delicious food. I highly recommend the mussels they were unbelievable! Already looking fo...

I tried to submit this... - js
I tried to submit this last week and I dont see it posted so here goes again. I agree with most of the consumer reviews - this place is to be avoded. My husband and I ate there last weekend ...

My husband and I went... - T.T.
My husband and I went last night, We should have read the reveiws here before we went. We were highly disappointed. Long wait, slow service, scant portions and very over priced. Everything that has been mentioned here. Had problems getti...

My husband and I just... - jackie
My husband and I just returned from a dinner at Ashmont Grill. We previously attempted to dine there only to find a 1.5+ hr wait; after dining there this evening the reason for such a wait wasnt readily apparent. We certainl...

This place has a ton... - PHK
This place has a ton of potential, but still has a lot of kinks to work out. The outdoor patio with the firepit is nice, as long as you dont mind smelling like you were at a campfire by the ...

I have to say that... - NS
I have to say that I agree with the critics and not the negative reviews. My husband and I just had breakfast at the Ashmont this morning. The space is quite beautiful, the service was very warm, efficient and friendly, and...

I have been to AG... - Daliah
I have been to AG 5 times now. Food quality is very uneven. Some are excellent (esp. the blackboard specials) while others are totally tasteless. I was served chicken wings that were both unforgivably bland and raw at the bone. T...

The food is overpriced, skimpy... - hpi
The food is overpriced, skimpy in portion and the staff is so rude and/or unimformed about the menu, it makes you wonder why you went out in the first place. They should stop patting themselves on the back for trying to gentr...

The Ashmont Grill opened over... - CM
The Ashmont Grill opened over a year ago in our neighborhood of Peabody Square. It is a great section of Dorchester, and despite outsiders claims, the neighborhood is as safe as going downtown to dine. We have eaten there many ...

the Ashmont Grill?, yeah its... - B
the Ashmont Grill?, yeah its ok.you just have to stop off at McDonalds on the way home! Tiny overpriced portions. Do not go if...

This place is horrible! We... - MCT
This place is horrible! We ordered a pizza that arrived practically raw. When we mentioned that to the waitress, she curtly told us to order the pizza well done next time. There wont be a next time. The food is below...

Well WITH regard to price... - Jason
Well WITH regard to price and ambience my friends and I went to teh Ashmont Grill. I cannot even fathom how they can describe themselves as moderately priced. All Entrees are served ala catre (sans sides) and when you finally do...

I live in Adams Village... - Liam
I live in Adams Village and take some offense at the description of the neighborhood as scary. Though its not the best neighborhood in Dorchester, its far from being either dangerous or scary. SCARY is that after a one year...

I love the Ashmont Grille. - Jen H
I love the Ashmont Grille. I am really suprised at the negative reviewsI have been there 3x and brought different people every time and everyone says the same thing When are we coming back? Yea its a little pricier than the av...

We dined at the Ashmont... - FT
We dined at the Ashmont Grill once. It was passable. The review by the poster MRJ below makes me think that employees of the restaurant are posting here though. A bit over the top. The Ashmont Grille WAS a bit p...

The idea that this is... - PHR
The idea that this is supposed to be a friendly neighborhood restaurant is an absolute joke. The service is rude from beginning to end. The food is mediocre and over priced. We had a bad experience with a rude hostess a...

My wife and I just... - John Spada
My wife and I just got back from dinner at the Ashmont Grill on a busy Thursday night. After reading some of the online reviews I didn t really know what to expect. I will agree with some of the negative comments, p...

Ashmont Grill in Boston - Find Restaurant Info - Boston.com
This sassy new restaurant's fare is resolutely American, fine quality and very reasonable. But the draw has much to do with its clientele, a wide swath of the neighborhood and beyond, all of whom seem thrilled that Ashmont Grill is open. (10/27/05, ...

Ashmont Grill Wine Tasting at Ashmont Grill - Food & Dining - Boston.com
This is such a great unpretentious way to try new wine and food pairings, meet nice new people. Ashmont Grill is relaxing and welcoming. Especially nice when the weather is warm, out back under the canopy on a spring eve...

Ashmont Grill, Boston - Restaurant Reviews - TripAdvisor
We've been going to the Ashmont Grill for several years now, on average once a month to every other month. It's menu changes seasonally and we love that it focuses on local and organic ingredients! The staff has had low turn-over, and it's nice to see the same faces who are always pleasant. That say...

Ashmont Grill - Boston Magazine
Like any food lover, Chris Douglass, of Icarus fame, is always on the hunt for the perfect local restaurant. You know the kind: friendly, inexpensive, reliable, close to home. But he could never find that sort of place in his Dorchester neighborhood. So he opened one himself. The Ashmont Grill is a ...

Ashmont Grill - Boston Area Restaurants - Zagat Survey
Since I live in the neighborhood, I take offense to WolfieMan's comments. Every neighborhood can be dangerous at night. Have your eyes open, but that goes without saying in the city! Parking along Ashmont, Dot Ave and Talbot Ave is plentiful - you won't be walking more than a block at most. The food...

Ashmont Grill Restaurant Dorchester Ctr. Boston MA Reviews Gayot
Call it Icarus Lite. Or, better, Icarus: The Sequel---in which our winged hero opts against flight altogether and just kicks back with a beer and some munchies. Such is the concept of this American bar-and-grill in Dorchester, a labor of love from chef Chris Douglass, otherwise known as the owner of...

Ashmont Grill - Dorchester - 555 Talbot Ave Boston MA 02124 - CityVoter Boston
Who knew I would fall in love with pulled pork sandwiches? Great food, fresh ingredients, fabulous atmosphere, wonderful patio, reasonable prices. This restaurant fills a great need for new places to eat in this ever-more-hip area of Dorchester, where the people who have lovingly fixed up their amaz...

Ashmont Grill - Open Guide to Boston: the free Boston guide
Although The Ashmont Grill bills itself as a neighborhood bar, the style of food -- and certainly the prices -- makes it hard to believe the neighborhood they're thinking of is Dorchester. Everything is served a la carte, so the prices seem reasonable at first. However, a burger and fries will cost ...

Ashmont Grill Dorchester Center | American restaurant in Dorchester | Restaurant menus, reviews and maps on urbanspoon.com
We eat here 3-5 times a month and have since it opened. Not complicated food, but good bistro quality, with a commitment on local sourcing and organic choices. We find the mac and cheese, fish and shellfish, and hangar steak are reliable choices. Nice urban vibe, great outdoor patio area in season, ...

Ashmont Grill - Dorchester Ctr, MA, 02124-3717 - Citysearch
the mussels are fantastic. great with a coupla glasses of wine... love this welcoming and comfortable place! can't wait until the weather permits us to dine outside on the patio. little know fact: the tables and bar top were created by a local artisan who crafted them from cherry trees harveste...

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