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1000 Surf Ave. (Corner of West 10th St), Brooklyn, NY 11224


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1. Sideshows by the Seashore and the Coney Island Museum
2. Brighton Beach
3. Coney Island
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Astroland has been a location for films, music videos, and commercials including "The Wiz," "He Got Game," "The Object of My Affection," "Uptown Girls,"the Fat Boyz, Yamaha, as well as hosting a Levi's party featuring Busta Rymes. Astroland has been on the Dis...

Coney Island (Astroland) Brooklyn, NY City
The Coney Island "Cyclone" was originally installed in 1927 by Harry C Baker, using the design of Vernan Keenan. The original cost was $100,000. The track is 3,000 feet long, and reaches speeds of about 60 miles per hour. The lift hill is 85 feet high, and the ride generally lasts about 1 ...

Astroland - World Famous Cyclone, Brooklyn - OfficialSite.com
Brothers Jack and Irving Rosenthal commissioned Vernan Keenan to design, and Harry C. Baker to construct, a monumental wooden-tracked twister, which was forced to be exceptionally tight and steep because of the small ground space that was available to them. Construction then began on a site historic...

Blogtalk: Brooklyn Says Goodbye to Astroland; the Bronx Says Hello to Anheuser-Busch - City Room - Metro - New York Times Blog
Imagine this: For the first time in years, New York’s Democratic presidential primary actually counts. An establishment candidate faces an insurgent black challenger. It sounds a lot like 2008 — but this wa...

Astroland Amusement Park - Brooklyn - Reviews of Astroland Amusement Park - TripAdvisor
The Cyclone Roller Coaster is located within astroland amusement park in Coney island. It has been around since 1927, but the fun is definately still there. This coaster gets up to speed of 60mph and has over 12 drops within the tracks. It doesnt look like a big coaster sitting on such a small piece...

Astroland Amusement Park - Brooklyn, NY, 11224-2800 - Citysearch
You know astroland, the only amusement park in the brooklyn area, and most of new york. The amusement park with fireworks, right next to Keyspan park, the aquarium, and the beach full of jellyfish. Also home to the world famous cyclone that nobody rides. Listen, astroland has lots of stands, good ri...

Astroland | Brooklyn, NY
New York City's largest amusement park Astroland is located in Brooklyn at the corner of Surf Avenue and West 10th Street beside the historic Coney Island Boardwalk. The park operates weekends from Palm Sunday until mid-October, and daily from mid-June through Labor Day. Astroland is best known as t...

Astroland Amusement Park Brooklyn, Brooklyn/Coney Island | Yelp
aaahh, my beloved astroland, how to describe thee?? the cotton candy, nathan's famous franks, the wonder wheel, and OFCOURSE the cyClonE--you have it all. You are right there on the boardwalk--so inviting. Why is astroland so much fun?? because some of the rides really scare the crap out of you-...

Astroland Park, Brooklyn - IgoUgo Reviews
No matter what age you are, you will never forget your first visit to Astroland. Between riding the mighty Cyclone, or a ride on Dino's Wonder Wheel you will have a great time. There are plenty of arcade games to play as well. Watching the fireworks on the boardwalk o...

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