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Rabindra l (रवीन्द्र बराल)

Rabindra l (रवीन्द्र बराल) says 12 years ago
Can you imagine a very excitement boating, playing with the elephant calf, rhino calf , line of hundreds of wild and house hold elephant, running rhino and tiger dears and beers, monkey and crocodiles jungle and a city jungle camp and various collage adventure danger and many, many hospital for the treatment much hospital, you can find all of this in Bharatpur Chitwan,

Geographical situation of the city,

Bharatpur is in central Nepal, Naryani River is faling from north to west to city, east and south border of the city is with royal Chitwan national parks and the southern border is with several fortile village in west Chitwan, Naryanghar is lowest part of the city and Bharatpur Dipendra nagr is highest, it is the fertile and red rock on the base, the city is north south long and west east width.

General history,

Historically Chitwan was ruled bye many kings of old Tananhu state and Gorkha before unification of the country, but that time there is no people in Bharatpur aria , but other smaller aria of Chitwan is covered by local Tharu and Kumal community in the history , Bharatpur Became a municipality in 1987, its new city but the economic and social growth is very high now the expected population of the city is around 150000 (one hundred fifty thousand) Uprdang gadhi was the old headquarter of this region before the rule of rana dynasty, this historical town is 30 kilometer far from Bharatpur city center, which is in the pick of the mountain, but later Headquarter was sifted in Bharatpur due to the difficulties of the transportation . Brahman, Chetriya , Gurung , Magar , Chepang are the main cast of mountains aria, but in the plan tharu are the oldest cast but in modern Bharatpur all the cast of Nepal are living together. Bharatpur city history is not so old it was establish just in 1987, but its very fastest growing city in central Nepal and it’s the sixth biggest city of Nepal, this city was made bye the migrated people from all parts of Nepal, that’s why people say 76 district (there is only 75 district in Nepal but the migrated Nepali people from India and Burma also come to live Bharatpur so its called 76 district) now it’s the major destination of education in Nepal, Rampur central agriculture collage is situated here , and Birendra, Balkumari first, Balkumari second, Saptagandaki, maya devi girls collage are other main campus , in addition other campus are available for higher education, hundreds of secondary and primary school are sichuated in Bharatpur, for nonformula education there are so many library in the city, also it is a main destination for the helth and treatment, Mahendra Adrsh Chikitsalya is the oldest hospital in Bharatpur, B.P. Koirala cancer hospital just establish In Bharatpur before 15 years , King Mahendra Memorial eye hospital, Bharatpur medical collage teaching hospital are other big hospital but several private hospital and nursing homes are there, every day and night people from different part of the country are migrating Bharatpur to take this educational and health facilities,

Business and commerce,

Bharatpur is one of the central Business hub of Nepal, it’s the main exporter of honey, mushrooms, chickens cultivated flower, also rice mage are the other exporting agricultural production, factory for refinery and processing of above mentioned production are situated, also it’s a major industrial city, cement , coca cola clouts and beers are main industrial production , also it’s a central junction of the transportation of Nepal, main east west Mahendra highway connect Bharatpur rest of the country and Mungling Naryanghar highway connect Bharatpur with capital Katmandu and major tourist city Pokhara, air service is available in Bharatpur from Katmandu and Pokhara , the main job of the people of Bharatpur is commerce and industry and job also agriculture related works, can find supermarkets and other markets in the city.

What are the main attractions around Bharatpur,

Two major and other small river are falling near from Bharatpur, Naryani is the one of the biggest river of Nepal, and the main cursing bridge of Naryani is in at Naryanghad Bharatpur, jet boat is serving people and tourist to see the excitement of river side , and the wide banks of Naryani is popular for the people to see sunset , and there is holiest place Devghat, where people use to come feel there religious believes, Royal Chitwan National Park is the main ornament of Nepal and Chitwan but also for Bharatpur, its living place of royal bangle tiger, rhino, Elephant and other wild animals , tourist from all over the old come to see these animals and enjoy the safari, and the sight of Kasra main entrance of Royal Chitwan is sichuated on the banks of Rapti river where most popular hotels are available, these hotels offer the tourist all the modern service and safari service including elephant riding to see the tiger and other animal on the parks, these hotels offer all the facilities together with many wildlife game which take place time bye time mainly world cup elephant polo, elephant running, horse raiding , truest can enjoy by rafting in Rapti river, and can play with the calf of elephant, rhinos and crocodiles in there reproduction center, playing with this baby wild is different joy. on the north and eastern border of the city is BarandaBhar jungle, and a part of the Royal Chitwan National park, there is Bishajari lake in the eastern corner of the city, which is the famous marshland of south Asia the birds from Siberia China and south India and Shri lanka migreat here every year . the researcher and the bird lover always come here to study about more type of birds, this wetland is protected as world heritage, if the whether is clear we can see various pick of Himalaya from the city too, the Banks of the Naryani River is used for rest and resort booting is available in the river to go Dveghat ( a historical place of Bharatpur city) up to Mugling ( Northern Town of Chitwan District) and Chers the station of Mnakamna cable car and which cable car Carry people up to Mankamna Temple in Gorkha District .

Main hotel

Royal Century , Naryani Safari, Chitwan Key men, jungle Resort, Jungle safari and tiger top resort , wild life camp,

People and lives and transportation

Nearly hundred and fifty thousand people live in Bharatpur city, and some more eighty thousand people live in near by town like Tadi, Gitanagar,Rampur. Bhartpur is the major market not only for the local but for the other zone and region people of Nawlparasi and eastern Palpa , of Lumbini zone people of Tanhu Gorkha, Lamjung of Gandki zone and people of Dhading and Nuwa kot are totally depends on the Market of Bharatpur, also it’s the getaway of capital Katmandu and the Pokhara second city of Nepal and it’s the central point of west east Mahendra Highway, so the transportation to Bharatpur from any part of the country is excellent, To go other truest destination Pokhara , Lumbini and Katmandu is very easy from Bharatpur, air service is available for Pokhara and Katmandu, for the local transportation of the city, and near by aria is very sufficient, city bus service, taxi service and car and motorbike hair service is very easy, also the ricsa service is available for the local enjoyment.

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