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Broadway Tower Country Park

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Near Broadway and High Streets, Outskirts of Broadway, Stratford-Upon-Avon, WR12 7LB


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For anyone looking for a peaceful retreat in which to spend a few idyllic days in glorious countryside, could do no better that visit the picturesque village of Snowshill, high on the Cotswold escarpment above Broadway and ...

Broadway Tower Country Park
Situated about 4 miles from Stroud, Nailsworth is a charming town with winding streets and a plentiful supply of nooks and crann...

Broadway Tower & Country Park on AboutBritain.com
home to the renowned printing press of Sir Thomas Phillips, country retreat for the Pre-Raphaelite artists, notably the artist, designer, writer, craftsman, and socialist William Morris, location for the studies of the distinguished archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans and farmhouse. Today the Tower house...

COTSWOLD - Broadway Tower Country Park
Unique 18th Century Folly with spectacular architecture set on top of the Cotswold Ridge. William Morris spent his time here. Now you too can travel into the past of Broadway Tower. The roof viewing platform makes visitors feel truly 'on top of the world' ...

Broadway Tower Country Park, Broadway, Worcestershire, UK
Broadway Tower is probably the most unique historic building on top of the Cotswold ridge, having been built by the 6th Earl of Coventry in the late 1790s. Its architecture, the fascinating views as well as its exhibitions on famous owners and occupants (including William Morris) make the Tower a mu...

Broadway Tower Country Park, Stratford upon Avon, United Kingdom : Reviews of Broadway Tower Country Park - Yahoo! Travel
On a fine day the spectacular views from this, the highest vantage point in the region, take in as many as 13 counties and can stretch as far as the Black Moun...

Broadway Tower Country Park on the edge of the Cotswolds
The tower itself is a folly, designed as a mock castle by James Wyatt, the architect.The legend is that the hill was a traditional "beacon" hill, that used to be points all over England that could be used to light beacons to communicate special events. Lady Coventry apparently wondered if ...

Broadway Tower Country Park in Broadway - Heart of England - UK Attraction
Thirteen counties can be seen from the top of Broadway Tower. This 18th Century Gothic folly stands on ground 312 metres above sea level, the second highest point in the Cotswolds. Inside, attractions include a William Morris Room and the exhibition, Room with a View. Outside, they include a red dee...

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Broadway Tower - A Folly built for pleasure! Set on an ancient beacon site, Broadway Tower was built by the 6th earl of Coventry as a token of love to his wife Peggy. In 200 years it has enjoyed a colourful history as - amongst others - home to the renowned printing press of Sir Thomas Phillips, cou...

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More pixels = better printing resolution basically. Smaller pixel size images are not meant for printing unless you are printing at very small sizes because there is not enough pixel data for a good crisp printed image. The same image will look crisp on a web site because web site resolution is much...

Broadway Tower Country Park | Bath & Cotswolds Sights & Activities | Fodor's Online Travel Guide
Among the attractions of Broadway Tower Country Park, on the outskirts of town, is its tower, an 18th-century folly built by the sixth earl of Coventry and later used by William Morris as a retreat. Exhibits describe the tower's past, and the view from the top takes in 3 counties. Peaceful countrysi...

Broadway Tower Country Park | Broadway, Worcestershire
As well as Broadway Tower, Broadway Tower Country Park also has spectacular views, a restaurant, a Red deer enclosure, country walks, picnic sites and wildlife & wil...

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