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Capitol Hill Travel Guide

Capitol Hill, on the other hand, is one of Seattle’s most cosmopolitan neighborhoods with a real left-wing, grungy character to it. You’ll find Yuppie stores, gay nightclubs, vegetarian eateries, fringe shops, and bookstores all along the heart of the district, Broadway Avenue.[1]

The neighborhood includes Volunteer Park, which has a water tower that offers a great view of the region.[2] One of Capitol Hill’s main attractions is located in this park – the Asian Art Museum at 1400 East Prospect. Occupying an Arte-Moderne building, the museum features a large collection of Asian art including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Southeast Asian collections, from screen paintings, to ceramics and folk textiles. Among the highlights is a 14th century Chinese sculpture and wood and lacquer furniture from imperial China. You’ll also find bronze Buddha figures that date back to the Shilla dynasty (57-935AD). Across the museum, be sure to visit the Volunteer Park Conservatory, home to illegally imported plants that were confiscated by U.S. customs.[3]

Another one of Capitol Hill’s attractions is the Harvard Exit Theatre at 807 East Roy Street. It was once used as the home of a women’s club. While the building still has the parlor, fireplace, and piano of that club, it is used today as a venue for watching foreign and art films. The Egyptian is another vintage movie house located at 804 East Pine Street. It also shows independent and foreign films.[4]

Another attraction of Capitol Hill is the St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral at 1245 10th Avenue East. It features a 3,945-pipe Flentrop organ that was installed in 1965.[5]

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