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Century City Travel Guide

Century City is a 180-acre futuristic complex of hotels, apartments, townhouses, office buildings, theaters, cinemas, and shops occupying a former ranched owned by the Western movie star, Tom Mix. The site later became the back lot of the 20th Century Fox Studios.[1] Today, the complex is a glass-and-steel tribute to “corporate modernism”. This is perhaps one of the reasons Century City has appeared in a number of Hollywood movies, including Die Hard[2]when the Fox Plaza building at 2121 Avenue of the Stars appeared as the fictional Nakatomi Plaza and was blown up. The building’s lobby was also featured in one of the scenes in Speed.[3]

Century City Shopping Center
One of the main attractions of Century City is the Century City Shopping Center at 10250 Santa Monica Boulevard. This sprawling marketplace mall is single-level, open-air, and loaded with expensive boutiques and department stores.[4]

Museum of Tolerance
Within a minute’s drive from the Century City Shopping Center is the Museum of Tolerance at 9760 Pico Boulevard, which offers a moving and poignant experience. The museum challenges visitors to confront racism and bigotry and educates people on the historical and contemporary contexts surrounding the Nazi Holocaust. For 45 minutes, visitors embark on a free-flow journey, focusing on issues of intolerance in today’s society. During the early part of the guided tour, you are given a passport photo of a real child of the Holocaust. The passport updates as the tour progresses until you learn about the child’s ultimate fate at the very end.[5]

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