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Conway Scenic Railroad

Category: Sightseeing + Tours

Rte. 16 (U.S. 302), North Conway, NH


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1. Mount Washington Observatory Weather Discovery Center
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Conway Scenic Railroad - Reviews from across the web

Don't bother - user review
Scenic, ha ha! We had the dining car, and could not open the windows. I saw 3 trailer parks, and maybe a couple of horses. Keep an eye out for those cows! For such a beautiful ar...

the train - user review
I liked the train ride though the city/country side. My family and I opted for a shorter train ride about 45 min. and we loved it even my four year old son. It was just enough ...

Beautiful and relaxing - user review
I enjoyed the views, the escape from technology and the chance to be in the moment. This is a must-see if you are spending some time in t...

Please give correct info - user review
I wanted to take this ride. The website and brochure said that they were closed on Mondays. They werent! I...

Don't Go First Class - user review
My sister and I took the 5 1/2 hour Notch tour (Sept 06). First off, save your money on the first class tickets. I was appalled that after spending $104.00 on two tickets we were sit...

Refrain from the Train - user review
My family and I were excited about going on the 55 minute train ride, but I dont recommend it. To say it was scenic is a stretch--you pass peoples backyards a...

More Painful than a tooth extraction - user review
Too bad we didn't see this website before we wasted 5 hours driving back and forth to this absolute joke of a scenic trainride on the Valley Train. We purchased 1st class tickets for 3...

did the dome car - user review
We took the dome car on the Notch train on Oct 10. The scenery was excellent and the ride relaxing. The seats were comfortable for the 5 hour plus trip. The higher point of vie...

Exhilarating Ride - user review
I took the 5 1/2 hour train ride through Crawford Notch and back with my family. Even though it was long you will never get bored. Kids love the trains and everyone will love the...

Nice Trains but ... - user review
... just not scenic enough. We took the top seats in the house (literally) in the observation dome car and this was a treat as we'd never been on one before. The views just weren't v...

No title - user review
I dont know what these people are say ing that this ride is horrible. IT would be worth a ride across the country to ride this train. The views are unbelievable...

enjoyed this trip - user review
Went on this train ride last week and liked it very much. It was so good to be able to sit back and admire the view. The colors of Fall absolutely beautiful and a relaxing way to go. We we...

Rip off - user review
This train ride would be ok if it was no more than $10. We bought first class seats on the longer train ride. They should be ashamed to charge so much for such crappy scenery. We stop...

Not Scenic at all - user review
Was very excited for the ride but was very disapointed in the end. On the Sunday after Thanlksgiving we took the Holiday express. It was only some garland hung in the cars, an...

Don't Eat The Food - user review
I'm old and have riden trains in the United States, China, Australia, you name it. So why would an old fellow like me want to ride the train at Conway, New Hampshire. Just being a ki...

What's the big deal about riding a train through the woods? - user review
We didn't time our trip right to take the train to the notch. Instead we took a train up to Bartlett and another to a location to the south. A train ride through the woods isn't worth the p...

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