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Highland Park Travel Guide

Highland Park is a district in the eastern section of Los Angeles about a mile from Elysian Park, north of downtown, and beside the Pasadena Freeway. It is one of LA’s oldest districts and the first to be annexed by the city in 1895.[1] Highland Park is noted for its scenery, architecture, and position between the Monterey and Mount Washington hills. Today, it is a predominantly Latino district, but also home to other ethnicities.[2] There is a mixture of successful professionals and entrepreneurs with pockets of seedy areas that give it a bit of a rough reputation.

Southwest Museum
The main attraction of Highland Park is the Southwest Museum, LA’s oldest museum. The displays include Native American artifacts, coastal Chumash rock art, pre-Columbian pottery, and full-sized Cheyenne tepees. There are also various films, lectures, and performances as well as a research library with recordings and photographs of Native Americans from all over North America.[3]

Casa de Adobe
Near the Southwest Museum at 4603 N. Figueroa Street is the Casa de Adobe. This is a recreated 1917 Mexican hacienda that houses a museum detailing LA history in the 19th century.[4]

Lummis House
The Lummis House is down the road from the Casa de Adobe. This abode is the well-preserved home of Charles Lummis who served as the city’s librarian during the 19th century boom. He advocated for the civil rights of Native Americans, and built his home to serve as a cultural center for early 20th century LA. The house is a mixture of Medieval and Mission style architecture and features large sycamore trees, thick walls of granite boulders, old telephone poles, hand-cut timber ceilings, iron doors, and home-made furniture.[5]

Heritage Square
Heritage Square is across from the Pasadena Freeway at 3800 Homer Street. It is an outdoor museum that showcases different Victorian structures collected from various parts of LA. Most of the structures come from Bunker Hill when it was redeveloped in the 1960s urban renewal campaign.[6]

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