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Peachtree City , Georgia , United States
About Me:
Probably the most important thing about me is that I work hard to achieve the things I am passionate about, something I acquired from my amazing parents.

You can also figure out a lot about me from my list of interests below.

Also, I'm pretty stubborn, so I really like it when people doubt my ability to do something...it always gives me a little extra fire. I've had some people tell me I'll never be able to finish my RTW because I can't "rough it" for that long...those people will be getting a postcard or an e-mailed picture from every stop :-)

Spoken Languages:
English and a little Spanish
24, accents, acoustic guitars, adventures, apple martinis, bare minerals, beaches, blankets, boats, bonfires, books with dog-eared pages, bourbon, brunch, bubble baths, california, candles, cartwheels, champagne, charleston, chocolate-chip cookies (from scratch), clam chowder, coasts, cocoa, comforters, cute pjs, dancing, daydreaming, dinner nights, driving with the windows down, education, exploration, face wash, family, fans on high: all year long, filets, fireplaces, flip flops (rainbows), fondue, friends, golf-carts, golfers, hammocks, highlighters, home, honeybaked ham, hot showers, hot tubs, ice cream, introspection, ipod, journals, kir royale, kneeboarding, laundry smell, law, LISTS, live strong, lyrics, macs, maine, maps, meat, midnight, motor homes, movies, music, new york city, ocean, oreos, organizing, outside, palm trees, parisian evenings, peachtree city, photography, pictures, plays, playtime, pillows, pina coladas, potato casserole, pub crawls, puppies, purple roses, rainstorms, reading, red wine, rhodeshian ridgebacks, riverwalks, road trips, robes, rock star parking, rollercoasters, roma, romance, ryan adams, san diego, scenery, scrapbooks, seaweed wraps, sex and the city, showers, singing loudly off-key, sky magazine, smiles, snooping, sprinklers, stargazers, sunglasses, sunrises, super mario, target, towels fresh from the dryer, travel, tubing, twain, undies, vanilla, victoria's secret, waldenbooks, walks, water, wind, window seats, wit, work, writing, yoga pants
Favorite Cuisines:
I'll try pretty much anything once
Favorite Destinations:
South Africa, California coast and Charleston, SC
Favorite Books and Authors:
Jodi Picoult and Pat Conroy (Beach Music will always be my favorite!)
Favorite Movies:
Empire Records, The Last Kiss, Wedding Crashers, Thomas Crown Affair, Love Actually, Casablanca, A Few Good Men...many, many more!
Most Memorable Travel Experience:
2005 London train and bus bombings...not necessarily memorable in a good way, but I can say for certain that I will never forget that experience.
Favorite Quote:
"Not all those who wander are lost" -J.R.R Tolkien

"Some wily instict told me it is dangerous to be too practical in this life"-Patricia Hampl

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February 20, 2007 3:25 am 
Hola from Spain!
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