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Love Parade

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Strasze des 17. Juni, Berlin, 10557


Love Parade - Reviews from across the web

Berlin Love Parade - Berlin
It’s back! After two years away the Berlin Love Parade, billed as the wildest street party on earth - apologies Carnival! - returns to Berlin on August 25th. Join an estimated one million ravers from around the world in the vast open-air urban nightclub that Berlin becomes. Every kind of dance mus...

Love Parade, Berlin - Reviews of Love Parade - IgoUgo
Attracting over a million ravers every year, the Love Parade has come a long way since its inauguration by a few politically-conscious techno-heads in 1989. The annual street parade was initially conceived as a demonstration for love and peace but swiftly metamorphosed into a huge, hedonistic orgy o...

Dave Ralph - Love Parade: Berlin - almost cool music review
In case you haven't heard about the Love Parade, it takes place every year in Germany and basically it's a giant rave in which several million (yup, you heard me write) flood the streets and music pumps through the air like it was a public service announcement. If it were a public announcement, all ...

Love Parade (Berlin) - Review - the greatest PARTY in Germany
Of course we students were happy but the teachers had the opposite opinion. They were quite afraid that something could happen to us if we go to the Love Parade. At first they wanted completely to forbid the visit to us but as most of the students protested against this action, the schoolmasters gav...

iExplore Community: Love Parade - Berlin, Germany
People tend to ignore the importance of Love Parade. it's been happening for over 10 years already and it's when Germans show their kinky side without being in the dark. This is a very hedonistic celebration, of course. But also one of the few ways for a people who've been mentally complex for many ...

Love Parade - Berlin Warnings - VirtualTourist.com
If you can't stand Techno, don't go to Berlin, when 'LOVE PARADE' takes place, in July. At this time the center of the city is just like a big party with millions of ravers, freaky (half-)naked people and strange creatures on extasy roaming around there. For those into Techno, this will be like heav...

Love Parade - Berlin Tourist Traps - VirtualTourist.com
This one is pretty obvious--too many people, not enough spirit, blah blah ad nauseum, as everyone has been saying for the past few years. There are so many people that you feel like you#re in a war zone... it's hazy and smoky everywhere and you can barely hear the techno music, just lots of whistles...

Join the Berlin Love Parade - The World's Greatest Techno Party
Outrageous is the theme for the day as people don body paint (sometimes nothing more), headdresses, wigs, and costumes de Mille would be jealous of. For a good 20 hours, if not more, Berlin is gripped in a frenzy of music, dancing and exhibitionism. The event culminates in a huge concert with perfor...

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