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Martinis on Main added by Jeff
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Location, Location, Location
Jeff says 11 years ago
Well, you always here this about buying a home, but this can definately be applied to an establishment opening under NEW management in Algonquin, Illinois. Keeping the same name, Martini's on Main is located at the intersection of Main and Algonquin Road. If you've ever been there before, the place brings the popular California-style Martini Bar to the Midwest. I was lucky enough to catch this restaurant at a "soft opening" before officially opening to the public. The grand opening is scheduled for mid to late June 2009. While you may not find parking off the main road, there is ample parking behind the building. I don't remember if there was a sign, but the driveway was to the side of the building. There is also a second exit point so it's pretty convenient. I'm always leary about parking right on the side of the road with cars passing, so this was a plus for me. As I got to the entrance, it seemed like a small celebration going on, so I figured it was only for friends and family, but the sign was on, and the doors were open. I was greeted and taken to a table. There were several other customers there enjoying themselves, so it was cool to get in and be a part of it. I counted about 50 available seats in the place, so if you can, call for a reservation ahead of time to guarantee a spot. This place seems like it will be packed once they get their groove going. Now let's get to the dining experience... The drink menu itself boasts 27 martinis, champagne, and about a dozen white and red wines. I being a fan of the Captain, tried the Rum Puncher Martini. Very delicious. After my meal, I digested and relaxed with a Banana Coffee. Don't ask, just try it, I dare you. I always like to try any menu item named after the place as this usually is a Signature dish. I was not disappointed. Heck, I even got to catch the Penguins hockey game. As I awaited my appetizer, seeing other dishes going to there respective tables, and smelling the wonderful scents, my mouth was watering. Everything had a nice presentation. Here is the meal I have chosen:
Artichoke and Cheese Fondue with crispy crostini
Martini’s Filet Mignon crusted with garlic and parmesan
Baked potato, loaded
Seasonal vegetables—steamed
Cheese Cake
The filet was absolutely the best flavor I have had in quite a while. While it was not on the menu, I was offered a Chocolate or Strawberry topping for my cheesecake. I opted for the Chocolate. I hope these are standard offerings. I spoke with the owner and learned that the menu will most likely expand their fish. The place was also re-opened in about 2 months. While I expected some mistakes, you know, maybe with a new staff, cooks, etc.. but everything appeared to run smooth. Everyone was very pleasant. I will definitely be coming back. What a great little place. This place will only remain a secret until it is advertised more widely or reviews are written. Oops !! I guess I blew that. Oh well, let's meet at Martini's. Below is the correct information from their website.

Martini's on Main, 8 South Main Street, Algonquin, IL. 30120 847-658-5600 phone; 847-658-4100 fax; website: www.martinisonmain(dot)com; email: friends@martinisonmain(dot)com

* Pros: Pros: The obvious, martini selection and great food
* Cons: Cons: Hmm, can' t think of any

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