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Mel Fisher Maritime Museum

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200 Greene St, Key, FL 33040


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Mel Fisher Maritime Museum - Reviews from across the web

Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Society Museum - expert review
In 1622 two Spanish galleons laden with riches from South America foundered in a hurricane 40 mi west of the Keys. In 1985 diver Mel Fisher recovered the treasures from the lost ships, the Nuestra Señora de Atocha and the Santa Margarita. Fisher's incredible adventure tracking these fabled ho...

do it again ! - user review
is what I plan to do. I was entralled with the treasures displayed there. I bought a silver tie tack just to have something from the find. I dont wear ties much ei...

I would do it again - user review
This is just one of those things you need to do. For $11 for can do and come ALL DAY. It is so close to many other things and Deval ST in...

Fun and Informative for All Ages - user review
We loved it!! I saw families with kids of all ages and never heard when are we leaving? or Im bored. The exhibits are set up with a wonderful eye for tying t...

Mel Fisher Museum - user review
We had no idea who Mel Fisher was but figured we might learn something. Turns out Mel Fisher was quite a guy. He had a dive shop and enjoyed diving the wrecks in the Caribbean and South America. There are a number of wrecks in these areas because of the dangerous passage caused in part by the reefs....

Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Museum - expert review
This museum honors local hero Mel Fisher, whose death in 1998 was mourned throughout South Florida and who, along with a crew of other salvagers, found a multimillion-dollar treasure trove in 1985 aboard the wreck of the Spanish galleon Nuestra Señora de Atocha. If you're into diving, pirates...

You have to go at least once - user review
You will get captured by the story of Mel Fisher and his treasure hunting. It is awesome to see all the gold and artifacts found from th...

Back in March 2005 - user review
Not only is the the true story of a 20th century treasure hunting family. But many lessons to be learned in tenacity, dedication to preservation, family and patience. As well wit...

Unlocking Key West - expert review
There's something endearing about a town that sees sunsets as cause for celebration. As the sun sinks into the Gulf of Mexico, Key West marks it nightly with jugglers who toss flame-topped batons and knives, tightrope walkers and other street theater. It's a bit over-the-top, as are many things here...

Go to duval street - user review
$11 to get in. You see more treasure in the stores. The video was a waste of time. Did not like at all. My mom was also very unhappy. The only plus is seeing one of the large g...

The Excitement of Finding GOLD Treasure! - user review
This Heritage Museum is very well designed. You can comfortably view large number of artifacts, treasure pieces and read articles describing the excitement of finding the treasure...

Mel's revenge - user review
The museum has a nice layout and building. The displays are very good, not as much of the artifacts on display as I had hoped for. Unfortunately no tours of the actual conservation ...

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