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Photo by Shuji Moriwaki | Flickr
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Nagasaki - more than just the bomb
Simon says 8 years ago
When people hear the name "Nagasaki" they always think about the second atomic bomb that blew up here to end World War II. But a visit here reveals so many of Nagasaki's treasures everyone should see if visiting Japan.
Unzen Hell I went to was a hot spring high up near the peak of Mount Unzen. It's outside the city but I did find a bus going there and it is a view to behold.
Huis Den Bosch is a theme park that answers to Nagasaki's history associated with the Dutch traders. It's Dutch themed and I thought it was a very interesting place to visit. It has rides and such and people dressed in Dutch clothing (though I don't think they're actually Dutch). You can see more of Dutch culture here at Higashi Yamate. European buildings have been preserved and there are photographs of the site from throughout the ages.
Most people would come for the Atom Bomb memorial and Peace Park... it seems like it's a manditory thing to do because of the terrible event that happened here back in 1945.

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