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New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum

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724 Dumaine St., New Orleans, LA 70125


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New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum - Reviews from across the web

Who Do That Voodoo? - expert review
Voodoo's influence still lingers in the lush, languid city of New Orleans. During summer evenings, when the leaves rustle in the breeze and the air vibrates with the bellowing songs of cicadas and bullfrogs, it is easy to imagine the steady rhythm of the dancers in Place Congo, and the white-robed V...

Cool place! - user review
Very small, but really interesting. If you are lucky like we were, you'll get to meet and take a picture with Jolie, a cerimonial HUGE python! The owners of the museum are really willin...

The Voodoo Museum - user review
New Orleans is a big place for voodoo and we thought a stop at the voodoo museum was a must. It was nothing great. But we did learn that many of the icons are the same ones used in Catholic rituals, just with a different name. The rituals like praying to saints is quite similar and likely because Ne...

VooDoo KooKoo - user review
Strangely enough, the museum seems to have gone way too commerical and cookie cutter. The history is interesting and the place itself is not forboding as you would think. Very comfo...

Voodoo Museums - user review
There are actually two voodoo musuems in the French Quarter, and entrance to one gives you free entry to the other. We went to the voodoo museum on Dumaine Street first. It's not very big at all--only a couple of rooms and a corridor and jam-packed with dolls' pictures, altars, and offerings of the ...

Spend your money elsewhere - user review
It was too crowded and the tour guide we had was very boring. He couldnt keep the attention of the crowd. It felt like we were walking around someones crowded study.....

worth stopping in - user review
This place is small, but definitely worth stopping in for a look. There are a few exhibit rooms with interesting things to look at, then there's a move they show you. Probably takes 30...

Don't waste your time! - user review
With all the awesome things to see and do in New Orleans, don't waste your time on this. It is small, and I mean small. Not worth the ...

watch out for roving fortune tellers - user review
Careful of the neighbourhood. My daughter and I were taken by a surprise approach from a woman just outside the musuem who began telling our fortunes before we could stop her. SHe t...

New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum - expert review
A large collection of artifacts and information on voodoo as it was -- and still is -- practiced in New Orleans is here in a two-room, rather homegrown museum. Items on display include portraits by and of voodoo legends, African artifacts believed to have influenced the development of the religion, ...

Small but interesting - user review
Warning, this is VERY small. It was interesting, but VERY small. When we got to the back we kept looking around like is there another door somewhere? I mean it is almost unbelievabl...

Must see for those who are truly interested. - user review
This is the real thing, so if youre interested in finding out more about this religion or if youre just curious check it out. if youre looking for high entertainmen...

Marie Laveau reigned as Voodoo... - expert review
Marie Laveau reigned as Voodoo Queen of New Orleans throughout much of the 19th century. The Voodoo Museum displays her portrait and memorabilia. Although it sells the stereotypic...

New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum | Museum/Attraction Review | New Orleans | Frommers.com - expert review
Some of the hard-core voodoo practitioners in town might scoff at the Voodoo Museum, and perhaps rightly so. It is largely designed for tourists, but it is also probably the best opportunity for tourists to get acquainted with the history a...

The Voodoo Museum - user review
New Orleans is Madame Laveau?ôs town. The Great Marie Laveau was born in New Orleans in 1794 and died in New Orleans on June 15th, 1881. A free woman of color, she became the most famous and powerful Voodoo Queen in the world, so powerful that she acclaimed herself the Pope of Voodoo in the 1830s. S...

Rip off - user review
As a few have mentioned before, this museum has only 2 small rooms and a tiny hall connecting them. Each room is jam packed with dusty junk in curio cabinets as well as a few fake skel...

Must do Voodoo! - user review
Whether you are interested in Voodoo from the point of view of serious folklore or cheesy movies, this place is a goldmine. The very friendly staff will be happy to talk to you ...

Informative, weird, and wonderful - user review
I was psyched to visit the Voodoo Museum more than any other NOLA attraction... and it was pretty great, just not as terrific as I had hoped it would be. I thought there would be more expla...

Never again! - user review
Yuck! A giant roach fell from the ceiling and landed on me. There's not much to tour here as all you do is walk yourself through three rather cramped rooms and look at some artifac...

Fascinating! - user review
Yes, it's small, but this museum is fascinating if you are interested at all in Voodoo or other cultures and religions in general. I found the $5 entrance fee well worth it as did my co...

a small gem, worth visiting! - user review
If you want to tour a big museum, this is hardly the place. It's a corridor, two rooms, plus the shop. However, if you want authentic voodoo imagery and history packed from floor to ...

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