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New York Transit Museum

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Corner of Boerum Place and Schermerhorn Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215


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New York Transit Museum - Reviews from across the web

Great for subway history and rail fans - user review
The upper level consists of displays of the history of the NYC subway system, its buses and trolleys. There are some interactive exhibits for kids. The lower level has about 14 vint...

New York Transit Museum | Museum/Attraction Review | New York City | Frommers.com - expert review
Housed in a real (decommissioned) subway station, this recently renovated underground museum is a wonderful place to spend an hour or so. The museum is small but very well done, with good multimedia exhibits exploring the history of the subway ...

MTA - Transit Museum General Information
complete the streetscape. Exhibition sidebars credit two men who were instrumental in the electrification of streetcars and railcars. Frank Julian Sprague (1857 – 1934), of European descent, often called "the father of electric railway traction" was responsible for the first large-sc...

MTA - Transit Museum
The exhibition includes five of his sketch books filled with renderings of subway passengers executed in ballpoint pen. People sleeping or reading made the best subjects since they were still. Sometimes his long commute allowed for meticulous renderings. Other times the subject would exit at the nex...

New York Transit Museum - Are We There Yet?
The Museum offers many other exhibits, covering virtually every aspect of New York's public rail transportation system. From the subways to the Els, the monumental achievments and the people who made them are presented to visitors in a beautiful, interesting and nostalgic environment that rewards th...

New York Transit Museum - Brooklyn, NY, 11201 - Citysearch
Be sure not to miss two new exciting - consecutive - free exhibits at the New York Transit Museum Gallery Annex entitled, "Architects of the NYC Subway, Heins & LaFarge: The Tradition of Great Public Works, Part I" (3/19/2007 - 7/8/2007) and Architects of the NYC Subway, Squire Vickers...

New York Transit Museum Store Online | Call Us Toll-Free 866-Buy-NYTM
New York Transit Museum Store Online | Call Us Toll-Free 866-Bu...

New York Transit Museum
The premier museum of New York City transit history. This museum is housed in an old subway station in downtown Brooklyn and features 19 restored subway cars and other exhibits. They also sponsor frequent subway tours, and house the Transit Authority's extensive transit archives, open by appointment...

New York Transit Museum, Brooklyn, New York
We descended to the lower level, where the evolution of subway cars is illustrated with examples from every decade. Early cars with incandescent lighting and wicker upholstery gave way to units with molded plastic seats and 'germicidal lighting' in the sixties. The lights, which were supposed to ste...

MTA - New York Transit Museum - Education
includes a series of online activities that relate to the Museum's unique transit-related collection. Check back often to experience new featured activities. Click any image below ...

New York Transit Museum
New York's Trolleys and Buses, a new gallery dedicated to surface transportation presents, in nine complementing segments, a history of above ground mobility for the last 175 years - from the early 1800s through the 21st Century. The central element of this new exhibition is a simulated traffic inte...

New York City Transit Scenes: Past and Present
Copyright Notice: The historical black and white photographs from the Transit Museum Archives presented in this site are the property of MTA New York City Transit, and may not be reproduced without the permission of that agency. This site is not a...

New York Transit Museum - Brooklyn, NY
Very fun for little ones, inexpensive, loaded with informative displays. Many reminders of the terrific labor that went into the creation of (and continuous operation of) this great city's lifeblood transit system. The "buses at an intersection" is always a hit with under 5s and the en...

New York Transit Museum, Brooklyn - OfficialSite.com ®
The New York Transit Museum, one of the city's leading cultural institutions is the largest museum in the United States devoted to urban public transportation history, and one of the premier institutions of its kind in the world. The Museum explores the development of the greater New York Metropolit...

New York Transit Museum, Brooklyn - IgoUgo Reviews
Go farther downstairs to see the old subway cars. There are two tracks, and the old cars are lined up. The cars are from all different eras, and you can walk through each one of them, experiencing what it would be like to ride the rails throughout the last 100 years. The oldest cars have woven straw...

New York Transit Museum - Brooklyn, New York - JimsDeli NYC Guide
This exhibit tells the story of New York City's surface transportation from the early 1800s through today. This is a three-pronged exhibit. It includes the early history of trolley cars and honors the people whose inventions led to the electrification of the system, as well as its conversion to buse...

New York Transit Museum - Teacher Resource Center - About the New York Transit Museum
Over the years, the New York Transit Museum has grown in scope and popularity. In 1999 the Museum opened a retail store and gallery in newly renovated Grand Central Terminal, providing another venue to present changing exhibits that encourage the public to appreciate the history, impact, and future ...

New York Transit Museum - Brooklyn - Reviews of New York Transit Museum - TripAdvisor
The upper level consists of displays of the history of the NYC subway system, its buses and trolleys. There are some interactive exhibits for kids. The lower level has about 14 vintage train cars in an actual subway station that is no longer used. You can walk through and sit in the vintage cars. Th...

outside.in · New York Transit Museum · Brooklyn, NY
Yesterday we visited the New York Transit Museum’s new exhibit “Show Me the Money: From the Turnstile to the Bank" which details the fare cycle, from buying the fare instrument to ...

The New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn Heights is an exhibit from the 1976 U.S. Bicentennial that has endured and grown.
Steel, Stone and Backbone: Building New York's Subways 1900-1925 reveals the building of New York City's first subway line 100 years ago, and antique turnstiles and different types of collection devices can be s...

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