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Peggy's Cove
Ariane says 14 years ago
I've travelled around much of North America but there is something special about Nova Scotia.

Whether it's the sea air, the friendly people pretty well everywhere or the history, Nova Scotia truly has it all.

I am planning to stay in Nova Scotia for a couple months, and will be blogging on here as to my travels around this amazing province.

First stop... Peggy's Cove...

I had been told that Peggy's Cove was known as the idyllic fishing village, and is one of most popular stops in Atlantic Canada. Set on rocky shores, the lighthouse and village at Peggy's Cove are a photographer's paradise. Despite its popularity this tiny fishing village has been able keep the same relaxed atmosphere that has made it famous. Peggy's Cove is certainly one of Canada's gems.

It wasn't always known as Peggy's Cove however. The orginal name was Eastern Point Harbour (or Peggs Harbour) in 1766. Apparently, the village may have been named after the wife of an early settler and/or taken its name from St. Margaret's Bay (As a side note Peggy is a nickname for Margaret). The village was formally founded in 1811 when the Province of Nova Scotia issued a land grant to six families of German descent. In the early 1900s the population peaked at about 300. The community supported a schoolhouse, church, general store, lobster cannery and boats of all sizes that were nestled in the Cove.

Peggys Cove has a classic red-and-white lighthouse still operated by the Canadian Coast Guard. The lighthouse is situated on an extensive granite outcrop at Peggys Point, immediately south of the village and its cove. This lighthouse is one of the most-photographed structures in Atlantic Canada and one of the most popular lighthouses in the world.

On a sad note, Peggy's Cove is also the location of the Swiss Air Flight 111 Memorial. 229 men, women and children perished off these shores September 2nd, 1998 when the aircraft crashed into St. Margarets Bay.

Peggy's Cove is certainly a tourist location not to be missed!

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