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Palace of Fine Arts

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Baker and Beach Sts., San Francisco, CA 94133


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Member Reviews

Great Location For Wedding and Formal Photographs

james says 11 years ago
Great Location for Wedding and Formal photography. Originally built for the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition. It is a beautiful garden setting with a small lake and giant structures reminiscent of Greek and Roman architecture complete with columns, colonnades, and a beautiful, imposing dome. Here is a beautiful video that illustrates the kind of beautiful photography / videography that can be captured in this setting.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rg couples have actually been married here, but you can just go here with your wedding photographer and take pictures. It is open to the public. While we filmed the above linked video, a dozen or so parties showed up throughout the day to snap formal photographs--mostly wedding parties and other formal type occasions.

If you are getting married in San Francisco or near by, it would be worth the time to get photographs there.

Palace of Fine Arts - Reviews from across the web

loved it so much - user review
All i ever heard was about this place or seen in movies the scenes there. This is a place where i loved the view of it all. It was a gloomy day in november and still had pictures...

Wonderful - user review
Beautiful architecture, a lovely pond with waterbirds and terrapins. The perfect place for a picnic. Must ta...

Great place to go !!! - user review
I love the architecture of the buliding and the surroundings are beautiful you dont even have to go into the museum you can just enjoy...

No title - user review
No amount of description can properly capture the magic of this place. My family and I were taken there as part of a package tour of the city and I will say that The Palace of Fine ...

Palace of Fine Arts - expert review
At first glance this stunning, rosy rococo palace seems to be from another world, and indeed, it's the sole survivor of the many tinted-plaster structures (a temporary classical city of sorts) built for the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition, the world's fair that celebrated San Francisco'...

MUST SEE! - user review
Every angle is a photograph, the breeze is perfect, the mood is calming, the atmosphere is serene! If you are in San Francisco, you have to go there. If there is a guy playing a ...

beautiful - user review
One of the most beautiful places I have been to. A must see for everyone who comes into town. Even the houses surrounding the pl...

Palace of Fine Arts - user review
The Palace of Fine Arts is situated in the Marina District. You can get bus #30 from Kearny and Market streets to the end of the line. The Marina District is one of the nice (expensive) areas to live and right slap-bang in the middle is a huge, fake ancient ruin. I loved it. It was made a hundred od...

Beautiful! - user review
I was so surprised there was something like this in this city. It reminds me of old european art...There were ducks and swan. I think It would be a great place to...

Photo op - user review
We attended on a Monday, so the Exploratorium was closed. But even though it was a foggy, gray and overcast day, the pictures we brought home ...

Beautiful and serene - user review
Photographers dream, not sure it is possible to come home with bad pictures from your visit to Palace of Fine Arts. Reserve some time to relax and enjoy the ...

Beautiful. Simply beautiful. - user review
This place is amazing. Graceful swans glide on the water. Ducks chatter and wait for you expectantly for bread. Little turtles lie on rocks and bask in the sun that never reache...

Great view of architecture - user review
Great building architecture with a mixture of nature! Go for a walk, relax in the grass and enjoy the sun! Not far away are many other outdoor activitie...

San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts Pictures - California stock photos, fine art prints by QTL
The romantic Palace of Fine arts, in neo-classical style, with its classical Roman rotunda and curved peristyle of Corinthian colums, evokes the melancholy of ancient times. It was originally built in 1915 for the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, and restaured in the 70s. Nowadays, it is par...

Palace of Fine Arts - Presidio of San Francisco
On land originally belonging to the Presidio, the Palace of Fine Arts was built in 1915 for the Panama-Pacific International Exposition. Today the site, which belongs to the City of San Francisco, features a classical Roman rotunda with curved colonnades in an idyllic park setting. Visitors may picn...

Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA : Reviews of Palace of Fine Arts - Yahoo! Travel
Constructed as a temporary attraction for the 1915 Pan-Pacific International Exhibition, this Grecian temple of a monument continues to enchant and enhance the cit...

Palace of Fine Arts San Francisco | Yelp
This place is beautiful. The inside is so plush with red velvety curtains and a large open lobby area you can drink with actual tables. The seats in the theater were comfortable too. I lasted through a 3 hour concert wihout thinking, "when the hell am I getting out of this damn chair, my ass is...

Palace of Fine Arts
European artworks. The deYoung was named after former San Francisco Chronicle publisher M. H. deYoung who felt in 1893 the city needed a world's fair. Golden Gate Park was the site of the 1894 California Midwinter International Exposition drawing more than a million visitors. A permanent museum...

Palace of Fine Arts - San Francisco - Reviews of Palace of Fine Arts - TripAdvisor
I stumbled upon the Palace trying to get to the Exploratorium, (a science museum aimed at kids that occupies part of the same building). I was trudging from the bus stop and gawking at the pristine houses and suddenly there was this surreal scene in front of me- columns and a pond and white birds la...

See The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco in Movies and Pictures.
Located in the Palace of Fine Arts , the Exploratorium is a cutting-edge, hands-on museum of science, art and human perception that is fun, experimental and awe inspiring. Artists and scientists create unique, interactive exhibits exploring phenomena of the natural world. Designed to spark your curi...

Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco
Though the local League of Fine Arts tried to preserve the building after the exposition, upkeep proved too costly. In the 1930s, 18 lighted tennis courts appeared on the site. During World War II, the Palace was home to a pool of jeeps and other Army vehicles. By the 1950s, the structure had been s...

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