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Pitt Rivers Museum

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South Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3PP


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Natural History Museum & Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford - Reviews of Natural History Museum & Pitt Rivers Museum - IgoUgo
The Pitt Rivers is one of Oxford's hidden treasures. Named after Lieutenant-General Augustus Pitt Rivers whose collection of weapons, looms, costumes and all manner of religious and magical symbols was originally given to the South Kensington Museum in 1874. Ten years later, the collection was offer...

Pitt Rivers Museum - Oxford - Reviews of Pitt Rivers Museum - TripAdvisor
Founded in 1884, this Museum features significant and diverse archaeological and ethnographic objects from all over the world including Pacific island objects, ceremonial brasses from Benin, and masks worn by actors ...

Latest reviews of Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford, United Kingdom
i've been going here since i was a kid, i think its a great place for those rainy days or if you're really into history. good for all ages, it was free last time i went with optional donations towards the museum. last time i went here they had quizes for children to take part in, they also h...

Pitt Rivers Museum- Oxford, United Kingdom - VirtualTourist.com
Wandering around the oh-so-strange yet oddly familiar Oxford in search of someone to tell her all about Dust - the so-called Dark Matter hypothesised in our world to account for the missing 90+% of the mass of the universe but in her world said by the Church to be the source of Original Sin - Lyra c...

The Totem Pole - Pitt Rivers Museum
While the museum was closed for re-roofing in 1999, the conservation section had a rare opportunity to work on this pole. To allow access to the totem pole, the scaffolding, erected inside the museum as part of the building work, was specially designed to include working platforms around the pole. H...

RealTravel - Pitt Rivers Museum Review | Pitt Rivers Museum | Oxford
I'm not sure there's anywhere else you could see such a random assortment of objects assembled by Victorian explorers. The highlight is the shrunken head collection - with detailed and grisly instructions on how they were made. Everything is laid out in glass cabinets with not a huge amount of order...

Out and about.(Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford, England)(Brief Article) Geographical - Find Articles
Exploring the crammed display cases of the Pitt Rivers Museum feels like wandering round the library of a well-travelled Victorian collector. And in a way it is. The museum was built to house the collection of the eccentric general Pitt Rivers, and although it has grown and developed over the years,...

Pitt Rivers Museum - City Centre - Museums & Art Galleries - Citikey Oxford
The Pitt Rivers Museum has an impressive display of strange and beautiful objects that have been collected from all over the world by travellers, officers and students. Mummies, masks and toys are just some of the amazing objects that fill t...

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