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Roman Agora

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Pelopida Street, Athens, 105 55


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Roman Agora, Athens, Greece : Reviews of Roman Agora - Yahoo! Travel
One of the most interesting sights of Plaka is the Tower of the Winds. This unusual marble tower (which served as a water clock) was built by an astronomer in the...

Athens Ancient and Roman Agora- Athens, Greece - VirtualTourist.com
A relatively large site comprising various monuments, the Roman Agora is one of the sites included in the Acropolis ticket (but one may also buy a ticket for the site on its own). It merits a visit, since it contains monument of significant historical interest, among others the Gate of Athena Archeg...

The Roman Agora (Forum) | Museum/Attraction Review | Athens | Frommers.com
, with its relief sculptures of eight gods of the winds, including Boreas blowing on a shell. Like so many monuments in Athens -- the Parthenon itself had a church inside it for centuries -- the Tower of the Winds has had a varied history. Built by a 1st-century-B.C. astronomer as a combination sund...

Ancient Agora, Athens - Reviews of Ancient Agora - IgoUgo
Socrates strolled through the Agora 2,500 years ago engaging people in long, philosophical discussions. This unique archaeological park served as the city's marketplace from the 6th century BC to the 6th century AD. Scattered throughout the Agora are statues and ruins of numerous buildings, the most...

Agora - Athens - Reviews of Agora - TripAdvisor
The Agora was my favorite ruin of Athens - far surpassing the Acropolis. I suppose the Acropolis is a required must see - but it can be crowded and we were swamped with Celebrity Cruise...

Roman Agora - Plaka - Plaka Photos
Do you think you will get close to the Evones?You remember the Evones? Those goosestepping soldiers that guard the Greek Parliament. Young men in tassled caps, kilts, and woolly leggings. They stride up and down with rifles...

Roman Agora | Athens Sights & Activities | Fodor's Online Travel Guide
The eerily beautiful mosque was built in the late 15th century on the site of a Christian church to celebrate the Turkish conquest of Athens and to honor Mehmet II (the Conqueror). During the few months of Venetian rule in the 17th century, the mosque was converted to a Roman Catholic church; now us...

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