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San Francisco Zoo

Category: Zoo + Aquarium

Sloat Blvd. at 45th Ave., San Francisco, CA 94132


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1. Harding Park Municipal Golf Course
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San Francisco Zoo - Reviews from across the web

Not impressed! - user review
After reading about how SF zoo was rated one of the top 6 in the nation, I was really looking forward to visiting. What a disappointment! First off, we took public transportation to...

Disappointed at best - user review
A visit to the zoo was top on our itenerary. We have visited many zoos and were so looking forward to this. First, there was the parking situation. There was none. Second, the entranc...

Don't bother, unless your kids are dying to see a zoo - user review
I had heard a lot about how the San Francisco Zoo is improving, but I wasn't impressed. We went on free day, which means that we didn't spend any money... I would have been disappointe...

Zoooooooooorrific - user review
Lots of fun, even more so with a bunch of good friends or with some youngsters! Lots of animals and things to see, do and learn. The zoo is not far from the ocean/beach, so you coul...

Just Average - user review
I liked the overall size of the place and animals, but it needs more entertainment or interaction with the visitors and animals. Like the goat area, you got to feed and interac...

Who doesn't love a zoo?! - user review
The San Francisco Zoo is a great place to go for the day, with or without small children. There is plenty to do and see-they have a vast array of animals, from a lemur colony t...

It's a zoo. - user review
Not among the high-caliber zoos in the country, but certainly not a waste of an afternoon either. They have the staple animals (lions, penguins, giraffes, polar bears) standard ...

No title - user review
The San Francisco Zoo has been slowly transforming into a Class A zoo since the early 90's. Old exhibits like Monkey Island, Musk-Ox Meadow and Wolf Woods are out, along with the old zoo ...

I enjoyed the zoo - user review
I went to the San Francisco Zoo not to long ago and I notice alot of remodeling which looked nice and some building parts were not done yet and I feel they need more animals to...

Zoo gone to the Dogs - user review
Its been 30 Years, since Weve been to the San Francisco Zoo. What a Wonderful Place it was. We decided to take our Grandchildren, and were very disappointed. The Grounds ...

Interesting Place to visit! - user review
I love how organize of this zoo. San Francisco zoo is a great place to have a walk and visit to the animals. The zoo is clean and the air is fresh. It is good to visit the zoo in the mo...

San Francisco Zoo - expert review
More than 1,000 birds and animals -- 252 species altogether -- reside here. Among the more than 130 endangered species are the snow leopard, Sumatran tiger, jaguar, and grizzly bear. A favorite attraction is the greater one-horned rhinoceros. Prince Charles, another popular resident, is a rare white...

variety of animal - user review
Ive known many kinds of animal which I just could see them on TV or books. Still has some empty spaces without trees, like a desert. Kinda hot in the summer! Anyway, great pl...

Bad signage and closed sections - user review
It was very hard to get around and create a nice flow. The poor signage and closed areas made my small kids 3 and 5 bored in between exhibits. When sections were closed you seemed ...

where are the animals? - user review
the exhibits that contained animals were great... but what about all the others? there were empty animal homes scattered throughout the zoo and even an entire row of empty exhibits...

No title - user review
The African trail is the favorite of my 2 year old son at the zoo. You can really get up close to see the giraffes and zebras and they are in very open and beautiful landscaped area, not in conf...

A Must if Traveling with Kids - user review
I love this zoo. It's right on the Pacific Ocean. It's beautifully laid out and landscaped, and makes for a really pleasant stroll on a lazy afternoon. Oh, and the ...

okay... - user review
you pay way to much to see way to little there were alot of things closed and the only thing we really enjoyed were the lions the things we really wanted to see were closed or move...

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