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Sideshows by the Seashore and the Coney Island Museum

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1208 Surf Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11235


Map of Sideshows by the Seashore and the Coney Island Museum and recommended places nearby
1. Astroland
2. Brighton Beach
3. Coney Island
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Sideshows by the Seashore and the Coney Island Museum - Reviews from across the web

Coney Island Mermaid Parade - user review
If you're going to spend time outdoors during the New York summers you have to get sweaty and costumed with the ladies of the sea. Tens of Thounsands of people walking the street in mermaid and other aquatic costumes all vying for the noble king and queen of the parade award. While you're being mist...

Coney Island - user review
Still close enough to the city, Coney Island is about a half-hour drive from Manhattan, or a 45-minute train ride on the F or Q. Once out of the car or off the train, you will be surprised by the liveliness this piece of shore has. There's always someone running around, and you are most likely to be...

Where amusement parks all started! - user review
Put historical Coney Island into perspective -- although only a mere shadow of its early 1900s grand former self, the Coney Island of today maintains some staple attractions...

out of-towners should relax - user review
All the reviews from tourists who clearly only visit New York for 5th Avenue shopping should quit writing bad reviews. Coney Island has been a staple of Summer in NY as long as I c...

Coney Island - user review
Coney Island is not a typical amusement park for taking the family out for a day. Each thrill ride is owned and operated by different companies or individuals, and the open field of Coney Island is surrounded by project housing. But if you're a history buff who enjoys seeing a glimpse of the way New...

great - user review
it was the greatest time i had there because i rode on all the rides and it was awsome also i meet a cute boy there and he liked me to.so i had a great time. i ...

cool - user review
alot of goood food places defintley the cyclone is the worlds best rollar...

Good Ol'e Coney Island - user review
Coney Island Is one of the greatest places to visit in the summer days. We have numerous attractions such as, the cyclone, wonder wheel, go karts, kiddie park and lots more....

Coney Island - user review
Coney Island is a strange place. We went on our last full day in New York, basically because we couldn?t think of anywhere else to go. We took the subway from Lower Manhattan straight to Coney Island, which was a very easy trip. When you exit the subway you are faced with a building site, which str...

Warriors Come Out And Playyyyy! - user review
Coney Island is one of the best places in new york to visit, especially if your from new york. If your from out of town you might not think twice about going back. To us new yorke...

not as nice as it used to be. - user review
I went this last march on the first day of spring and it was a waste of a subway trip. we got there and no one was there. it was a bit rainy and the rides were mostly closed down....

overhyped waste of time - user review
Took long subway ride from manhattan, just to spend 30minutes at this dump and leave. Rides overpriced and half were closed in the middle of summer. Not in the best of neighborho...

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