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Six Flags

Category: Amusement Parks

26101 Magic Mountain Parkway, Los Angeles, CA 91342


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1. Valencia Country Club
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Six Flags - Reviews from across the web

I love Six Flags! - user review
I had a blast and I cant wait to go back! The roller coasters are especially fun! The food was...

Exciting Place To Experience Again and Again - user review
This park has alot of different rides. You have to experience it for yourself. The best day to check out this park is Mothers Day. Fun for the whole family. During the s...

Six Flags St. Louis - user review
Although the park can be a bit pricey, $30/person, it is still one of the best amusement parks in the Midwest. With a number of roller coasters that will appeal to adults and kids, Six Flags can easily occupy a day or two of your vacation time. Keep in mind if travelling with small children that man...

i cant wait 2 go back again!!!!!!!!!! - user review
the food was excellent and the atmosphere was wonderful!!!!! the value was great it was affording and its better to visit in the summer because its hot and the water fe...

Very Expensive! - user review
My kids had a great time there. But you need a lot of money to go. The tickets, the food, and even in the water park, you...

High Speed Thrills Both On & Off the L.A. Freeways - expert review
Hovering over its sprawled-out four hundred-or-so square mile metropolis, I was able to get a bird's eye view from my comfy window seat location. Hemmed in by mountain peaks and coastal beaches, lay our desert basin destination, the city of Los Angeles. And getting there on Alaska Airlines had certa...

Six Flags Magic Mountain - user review
Magic Mountain is in the desert. It gets HOT, so load on the sunscreen before stepping out. Don?t worry about getting there ½-hour to an hour after the park opens. Park employees don?t get there in time. We decided to ride Déjà Vu first because that was my friend?s favorite ride. We waited sli...

Fun for all! - user review
Liked the rides a lot. Provided lots of adrenaline, really got your heart pumping. Its a great experience! I really cant wait tori...

Attraction Information - expert review
Six Flags has become an American tradition, and Six Flags Magic Mountain is yet another amazing park, with tons of rides and attractions, food and fun for everybody, and all ages. SIX FLAGS MAGIC MOUNTAIN...NOW THE XTREME PARK opens three new roller coasters this year! Goliath Jr., Deja Vu and X!! N...

Six Flags St. Louis - user review
Thrill rides, family rides, kiddie rides, shows, a water park, and more. My favorite are the roller coasters, and Six Flags has some of the best. Batman features five head-over-heels loops as trains travel on the outside rather than the inside of the loops, with ski-lift-style coaches where the floo...

A must for any St. Louis Vacation - user review
The rides are great fun for all ages. The staff is very friendly, and willing to help when possible. Even though I am afriad of hights I road a roller coaster, and had the best ...

I cant wait to go back it is awsome!!! - user review
I loved it .. there is not anything I can say bad about it all of the experiences that I have had there have been a blast..now I cant wait to take my ...

St. Louis Six Flags--never again - user review
I arrived with my daughter, son and their friend. The first thing was getting accosted by a Park Photographer. I loo...

Litter, But Fun - user review
Well, the park was verry dirty and had lots of litter. On two roller coasters they gave people two rides on the ride. The Rides were fun though. There was tons of variety. My la...

Keep you head against the neckbrace - user review
Magic Mountain can be thrilling, nauseating, and truly dangerous. The rides are top-knotch, but you should be careful to avoid neck injuries. Save the freefall and centrifugal r...

The best way to spend your time in SoCal! - user review
Everything about this place is totally awesome! Who cares about foo-fooey disney-like atomosphere and perfect looking parks? Not me! As long as the rides are great and ...

IgoUgo: Six Flags Great Adventure - Los Angeles, California - user review
This water park, located adjacent to Six Flags Magic Mountain, features more than two dozen rides. If you dont mind getting wet, this park has something for everyone, from lazily floating on a raft to being hurled down a tube...

Can't wait to go back! - user review
The Rides are great. Lots of Rides to ride. Many coasters (fast coasters). Love the fact that has rides for all ages. The food is great but a little high (but expected), Best i...

good stuff - user review
the crowds in the summer are too much.. buy a fast lane pass to get on rides...it is worth it.crowds are often rude and rough,it figures there is a los angeles county police sub-d...

The Place for Ultimate fun! - user review
I loved everything there! Even if people hate roller coasters, this is the best place for those kind of people too! I only went on one roller coaster, The Screamin Eagle, and ...

Bring the sunblock! - user review
We just visited Magic Mountain and took my 8 year old nephew who just hit the 54 and 1/2 inch high requirement. He had an absolute blast. Was totally fearless. I was feeling my...

Six Flops! - user review
We were shocked by how poor the quality of everything was. I had purchased tickets online,where theyre $20 cheaper per ticket.The lines were the worst I have ever seen, and...

Six Flags St. Louis - user review
Six Flags St. Louis is a kick in the pants! We had a great time! So much so that we bought a ticket for the second day and never regretted it!We had no idea what we were in for ??at least I didn?t ??when we decided to go to Six Flags. We walked in ?cold????having not researched it. I was horrified...

IgoUgo: Six flags Magic Mountain - Los Angeles, California - user review
This world-famous attraction is one of Southern Californias most popular theme parks. With the most exciting thrill rides around, California residents come here when they want to have fun. Over the years it has evolved. A new park has been added next do...

we had an amazing time!! - user review
it was a little bit pricey, but i had a great time. My friends enjoyed it too. We cant wait to go back because it was fun and exciting the whole tim...

BEST AMUSEMENT PARK EVER!!!!!!! - user review
I love magic mountain!!!! It has the BEST roller coasters!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love it!!!!!!!!! If u dont like roller coasters there are still some fun shows and stuff 2 watch...

Good Rides, But Nothing Else - user review
Honestly, these people dont know how to run a theme park. People will keep packing this place, but I cant recomend it. I will say that the coasters are good. Get there rig...

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