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Stari Grad Travel Guide

Stari Grad (Starigrad) is a municipality with a population of 600 and a newly built tourist settlement on the coast of the Velebit strait. The pre-Romanesque church of St. Peter with an unexplored acropolis is an extremely valuable cultural monument. This is the place where the tower of Vocka is. This tower is part of the legend of king Psoglav (boghead). It was also the site of the Roman town Argomutum. Anyone who feels like treating himself to a first-rate experience of virgin-nature should visit the nearby national park Paklenica with its two canyons, Velika Paklenica and Mala Paklenica.

This area of 36.17 square kilometers is a national park since the year 1949. A 10 km long stream flows in the canyon of Velika Paklenica with makes this a Favorite excursion destination. It is also a mountaineering recreation centre. This is the most wonderful region of the Velebit mountain with nature unique enough in so many ways that it inspires awe with its crags and canyons. The depth of canyons reaches more than four kilometers at places, making it a genuine challenge for the rock-climbers of top caliber. The canyon widens in the vicinity of Anic Kuk and creates an incredible lawn an elevation of 700 meters, suitable for camping and ac-accessible by car. From here, a path leads to the village of Paric with a mountain lodge.

This village is the furthest village in the Velebit mountain whose inhabitants engage in cattle-Farming. As a highly valuable area, the entire region of the Velebit mountain has been proclaimed the 129* reservation of biosphere by the UNESCO. Stari Grad (Starigrad) with its pure sea, lovely beaches and the vicinity of Velebit is rapidly developing into a tourist centre. It already has a number of summer residences and camps. Hotel: Alan. Starigrad is slowly turning into an urban whole with the neighboring villages Seline, Tomici, Ramici, Marasovici and Jovici.

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