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Statue Park

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Balatoni Road, Szabadkai Street Corner, Budapest, 1054


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Szoborpark - Statue Park, Budapest - Reviews of Szoborpark - Statue Park - IgoUgo
After the fall of Communism in Hungary, most of the statues from this era were shipped to this park on the outskirts of the city. When you buy your ticket, be sure to also purchase the very well-researched and extremely informative guide-book. Without it the meaning and history of the statues will b...

Statue Park (Szobor Park) - Budapest - Reviews of Statue Park (Szobor Park) - TripAdvisor
I have been to the Statue Park some years ago. I thought that not melting down and/or crushing the statues and communist idols but saving them to be disgraced in posterity, hopefully forever...

Statue Park (Szoborpark)- Budapest, Hungary - VirtualTourist.com
Szoboro or Statue Park is in reality not much of a park. It is a display of bronze statues from the days of the Communist occupation of Budapest. The statues have been removed from the city and put out here in the park as a reminder of the occupation of Hungary, and as an attraction for western tour...

Statue Park - Review - Goodbye Lenin
What I like about the museum is that it is simply a display of the statues that were taken from the streets; there are no recriminations, no blame for any suffering that may have been associated with the country’s Communist past. Nor is this an attempt to create something humorous or kitsch, poking ...

Budapest - Review - Beautiful Budapest!
We decided to go to Statue Park, which is a park displaying many large memorials from the Communist Dictatorship. As you can imagine when communism fell the local people wanted to destroy the statues. Someone had a clever idea to save them all and place them in a park for tourists to look at. The pa...

Statue Park - Hungary
If you’re spending any time in Budapest, it’s worth taking the short drive out of the city centre to visit this curiosity of an outdoor museum. Statue Park is, as its name suggests, a resting place for all those statues of Communist leaders that once peppered Eastern Europe. Clustered together i...

Szobor Park (Statue Park) | Budapest Sights & Activities | Fodor's Online Travel Guide
After the collapse of the Iron Curtain, Hungarians were understandably keen to rid Budapest of the symbols of Soviet domination. The communist statues and memorials that once dotted Budapest's streets and squares have been moved to this open-air Disneyland of Communism. As well as the huge figures o...

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