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The Standard Downtown LA

550 S Flower St, Los Angeles, CA 90071

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$ 99
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The Standard Downtown LA - Hotel Reviews from across the web

No title - expert review
Andr Balazs (New York's Mercer hotel, LA's Chateau Marmont and The Standard Hollywood) has given the Los Angeles business district a jolt. This cluster of bank and insurance company buildings, has always been deserted after 5pm. But now, at around 8pm, LA's beautiful young things begin filling the s...

No title - expert review
Built in 1955 as Standard Oil's company's headquarters, the building was completely revamped under the sharp eye of owner André Balazs. The large guest rooms are practical and funky: all have orange built-in couches; windows that actually open; and platform beds. (Some also have large plush t...

No title - expert review
A new era of revitalization for downtown L.A. took off running with the opening of the downtown Standard hotel. Three months after the opening sleepover party (attended by Hollywood's finest clad in pajamas), most of the 207 guest rooms are booked at the weekends by fun-loving hipsters. During the w...

No title - expert review
Open 24 hours, the restaurant at the downtown Standard hotel serves comfort food with an edge and the staff displays none of the snobbish attitude of the bouncers outside. The clientele is predominantly young and cool, undoubtedly headed for the rooftop bar of the hotel after their meal to check out...

No title - expert review
The hotel ' it's a high rise and former oil company decadent headquarters. We have added 207 rooms and suites with living platform beds, free t1 connections, two line phones, see through bathrooms, in room safes and more. Our restaurant is open early until very late. 24 hour room service, a poolside...

No title - expert review
It is a Hight Rise and Former Oil Companys Decadent Headquarters. We Have Added 207 Rooms and Suites With Living Platform Beds, Free T1 Connections, Two Line Phones, See Through Bathrooms, in Room Safes and More. Our Restaurant is Open Early To Very Late. 24 Hour Room Service, a Poolside Bar and Caf...

No title - expert review
The hotel its a high rise and former oil company decadent headquarters. We have added 207 rooms and suites with living platform beds, free t1 connections, two line phones, see through bathrooms, in room safes and more. Our restaurant is open early until very late. 24 hour room service, a poolside ba...

No title - expert review
It wasn't so long ago that downtown Los Angeles after six P.M. was a ghost town. This is the case no longer, and it's thanks in no small part to the Downtown Standard in particular, the rooftop bar, with its astroturf, topiary gardens and waterbed loungers, a fixture on the downtown nightlife scene,...

Does HOT have a location? - user review
Absolutely awesome! Unbelievably sexy! Incredible 60s retro minimalist rooms, with nothing but seductive glass barrier between the showers and your bed(s)! Hottest night club on the roof makes the whole experience! WARNING! Not for faint of heart! Partying goes on throughout the hallways till the we...

A L.A Must!! - user review
Everyone who is an out of towner must come see this hotel! I've partied here before on the rooftop but had the awesome opportunity to stay here! I loved the rooftop and the view of downtown skycrapers! Can't beat that! The floor to ceiling glass shower is by far the best part of the rooms, along wit...

The W on acid! - user review
Everything about The Standard is funky. The rooms, the items in the minibar and the waterbeds in the bar on the roof.People keep saying it is overpriced. Where do you normally stay Super 8 The Standard 's room rat...

SUPERB Service... - user review
I decided to stay at the Standard Downtown despite the reviews I read in regards to poor service (especially at the rooftop bar). I have never before had such a pleasant surprise! It FAR exceeded my expectations! Not only did I absolutely love the hotel itself, every single staff member that I encou...

fun, comfortabe, wonderfully friendly - user review
I don't get the reviews saying the service is rude or pretensious. everyone has been so incredibly nice. the rooms are a welome departure from what you probably have at home. the party at the bar is fun without being to pretensious. and againt he service has been great. they've remembered my name, a...

anyone else amused that this is deemed a budget hotel by editors of citysearch? - user review
I don't know...when I think of budget hotels, I think cheap. I think not the comfiest. I don't think upscale, ritzy, charge you up the wazzoo hotels whose only similarity to a budget is the fact that they self identify as the standard. Not that you shouldn't stay here. The rooms are artful and creat...

I have. Stayed for a few nights. Was very dissapointed with the service and I don't care attitude displayed by most of the staff. Great modern design offset by below average se...

Great Hotel - user review
i love this place. it's so cool in the lobby. if you make it up to the roof bar, that is a really hot scene. for a more quiet drink have one outside by firepit. rooms are small and very basic but cutely decorated. don't stay here if you just like to be in your room. this is a hot and happening place...

Critic´s be Damned!!!! - user review
I recently visited the Standard for the first time, with a few of my co worker's... I must say that the service was extremely friendly... The frites were amazing... They made a special martini that I requested, The atomoshpere was exhilerating and the crowd was a very good mix of down towners. I am ...

Hotel Hype - user review
I was not impressed with the hotel at all, we didn't stay there but went for dinner. We barely saw our waitress once in the hour and a half we were eating and the food was so so. Oh they charged $20 for a wrist band for the pool area but there was no guarantee you'll even get in. The lobby area was ...

Downtown Nightlife - user review
I went only to the rooftop bar/dancefloor for a friend's birthday, and I really liked it. The art deco furniture was very fitting with the whole cityscape environment, and the view of Downtown LA was pretty amazing. The best part I would have to say, is the water bed spheres that you can bounce arou...

WEEK IN TRENDY HELL!! - user review
I with my frequent business stays in downtown I was thrilled to have a fun,hip alternative... However I am deeply disappointed with my stay. Desk clerks were rude and unhelpful. The room was cool but had NO comfort factor. I felt like I was living in an IKEA display. Nothing but a platform bed, shel...

No title - user review
In our stay at the Standard we were blown away, but also it is everything that you think about LA all packaged up into one building. It is like a circus, with really plastic, really beautiful people walking around in various looks of clothes. It is a really cool place, but also weird all at the same...

What a crazy place - user review
It is hard to think of a wierder mixture of furnishings. And the croud is out of a movie. Still I like the feeling of being transported to another planet. Good dri...

hip, cool, and comfortable - user review
just a fun, playful, and beautiful place. the upstairs bar is amazing. the food is great. the scene crazy and ecclectic. some velvet ropes but worth the wait, and if your staying at the hot...

no bang for buck here i´m afraid - user review
lucky for me i was not the one paying for the stay otherwise fur would have flown. the rooms, while being cool looking upon closer inspection and usage were obviously not meant to be slept in. but when you consider this is a place to pose and not sleep it all makes sense. they need to pay attention ...

Just trying too hard - user review
Over done, way fake, and just trying too hard. Too expensive and no parking. Great for...

The Standard Hip or Hype - user review
Recently stayed at this supposedly hip hotel for the weekend. It was without a doubt the worst hotel experience I have had. The service is beyond horrible. The majority of the staff has MAJOR ATTITUDE. The roof top club/pool area is wayoverrated. Yes, this hotel is worth seeing. No, I would never go...

No title - user review
Some waitresses were great; they were very helpful and asked a lot of questions. In particular was one named Jessy or Jessica; and another with full permed blonde hair. Others were very flighty and mixed up orders. A couple were very snobby. The drinks are a bit pricey, but well worth it. The waterb...

Great Place - user review
Stayed here while on business, all other co workers did the usualy coroporate hotel chains but they wanted to hang out with me at the Standard! Awesome tubs, great big towels, spacious rooms and the bars and lobby areas are great. If you like to party while on business I suggest you stay here. Not f...

I really enjoy this hotel - user review
The downtown Standard is a great hotel. Valet, bar drinks, room service, and the restaurant can be a little pricey, but the room rates are relatively low so it balances out. The decor of the hotel is very cool and the rooms are very modern. And while the reception staff are not overly friendly, they...

Groovy - user review
The Downtown Standard is the grooviest place every! The rooms are out of sight, especially the bath tub and the roof top bar is by far the...

Sub Par Service and Room, Very cool bar - user review
The rooms are very subpar, if you're in your early twenties and looking for a party hotel, this is it. If you're looking for the comforts of a nice hotel, this is definitely not the place. No vending machines in the hotel, ice maker did not work, and cheap rooms.The service was lacking. The valet to...

The Party is Amazing ... The Staff isn´t - user review
The Standard Downtown's rooftop bar has breathtaking views of the surrounding highrises, a lighted pool, a fireplace, and waterbeds where guests can mingle amongst the crowd or find an intimate nook. A limited number of wristbands are issued to the roof, which means it doesn't get too crowded. That ...

the best view in LA.. - user review
the standard is def. a fun LA weekend getaway i came here for a romantic weekend (random, but WAY cheaper than the bel air hotel or other more traditional choices) and we had a great time. the room is fun in a fancy sleazy 70's kind of way, there's yummy room servic...

Staff are jerks - user review
The title says it all. I think it's a prerequisite for working here; only complete A holes need apply. I've stayed here 4 times, swearing that I wouldn't again each time, but it's actually a fun place otherwise. So, if you can get over the overly rude staff, then you'll have fun. Great rooftop bar a...

Great party scene; not so great hotel - user review
This hotel is worth visiting for the rooftop bar scene alone. The rooms themselves are a different story altogether. Rooms come equipped with virtually no amenities (shampoo and soap were thrown in, but that's about it). There is no wall dividing the bathroom from the bedroom; there's just a glass b...

you cant go wrong.. - user review
this is such a great place to go just to get away for a night. i live in santa monica, but sometimes we just stay the night (so cheap) and feel like we are away in a big city. FUN FUN FUN. crowd sometimes is questionabl...

Great Atmosphere - user review
This place is beautiful but can be difficult to get into. There is a lot of the typical LA BS but if you try to go early or on the weekdays, you will be able to enjoy this great place. The best thing about it is that the...

Waste of time and money - user review
This place is full of pretentious people. Lots of attitude. "Look at me, I'm pretending not to care if you notice me, although my trendy clothes, hip hairstyle, and cool friends should warn you that I'm worth a second look." I'm friendly, down to earth, and enjoy meeting people (not hittin...

great atmosphere - user review
Too bad they charge cover after 7pm, or else this would be my all time f...

Huge rooms - user review
We got upgraded to a huge room upon check it and it had a great view of downtown. The hotel is a fun place to stay if you want to enjoy the rooftop bar (which gets packed...

LA´s version of SoHo - user review
We stayed during the Christmas break and as jaded New Yorkers we were impressed with this LA vision of SoHo. The staff was attentive and freindly, even if some were a bit clueless to the history of their owner. Our room was severly hip and comfortable which made it fun! We thought the rates were rig...

Downtown best - user review
Weary of traveling to Downtown, I was completly taken aback when I pulled in and the place was packed. I have been here for dinner and drinks several times and everytime it has been an adventure. There food is good and reasonable and the drinks are pricey but well made. My martini had the perfect am...

Trendy, quality hotel - user review
When assigned to a client in downtown L.A. for three weeks I had to choose between the regular (boring) hotels or the Standard. Worked out a deal with the reservation department (discounted rate for a huge category room).First off, the room is awesome. Very simple and extremely functional. I highly ...

The Standard Is Very Hip - user review
The hotel is very cool and popular with twenty something hipsters.We asked for a quiet room and got one. The Wow room had an appealing Zen Like simplicity it was very spacious and the bed was very comfortable. The roof top pool is incredible but go before noon or expect a madhouse of partying kids. ...

Terrible Kitchen - Very disappointing - user review
We are a couple of business owners and live in a downtown LA loft. We were in a business meeting for lunch at The Standard and a friend who has been a vegetarian for 10 yrs. ordered a Grilled Cheese sandwich with no bacon. The food came and the bacon was on the sandwich. So we asked our waiter to pl...

The Standard Downtown La: Hip and Fun - user review
South Beachish with white deco decor, thumping club/bar, and outdoor pool parties. It is in the heart of Sunset strip so one can walk to nearby clubs and bars. This is good for two reasons, one it help eliminate drinking/driving, two parking is a pain. Twenty bucks to park in a public garage if the ...

The Standard Downtown La: The Standard Downtown: Hip and Modern - user review
This is a modern midprice hotel The rooftop bar is the scene...happy hour business men from the area. The evening crowd is full of movers and shakers. It has a pool and places that have waterbeds for laying around in....the night time the dance floor is packed you can see the lights all around the c...

LOVE IT! - user review
This is my fave place to stay, I refuse to stay anywhere else!! And while th eroom service can be slow, it's WELL wor...

Overrated - user review
There's no question that the views from the rooftop bar are terrific and that the staff up there (and throughout) are beautiful and/or handsome and quintessentially...

Wouldn't recommend - user review
I you like over-priced drinks and average at best service, then check it out. It's fun to visit occasionally with friends that have never been there, just for the view,...

ill boogie - user review
Location, location, location!!! Right smack dab in the middle of the Sunset Strip, a.k.a. Party Central, U.S.A. Black, white, Puerto Rican, everybody's just a freakin' in...

Beautiful people - user review
This place is the best spot in L.A., and the view is beautiful. This is a must stop for out of towners and local folks. L.A. beautiful people are found in one place the Standa...

Design: Great. Food: Mediocre - user review
As expected with all things at The Standard, The Restaurant followed suit with great design. The yellow hues were surprisingly not as annoying as I expected it to be. But also...

Not a business man's hotel - user review
This hotel should only be booked if you're planning on partying in downtown and need it for location purposes. There is absolutely nothing of value in the rooms and you're stay...

Good Stay - user review
The location was perfect and the staff went out of their way to assist us with information on ski packages, tours and shopping. The service was great! The complimentary breakfast ...

I will never go back!!! - user review
Front desk could not find our reservations. Had to wait almost one hour to clear up. Disappointed with the front desks lazy attitude towards the problem. Upper management has a ver...

Great Business Trip - user review
I travel about more than half a year for business across the world. So it was an amazing surprise to have stayed in such a diverse hotel. I stayed at the Standard for 2 weeks and m...

Party at the Standard, don't plan for peace and quiet - user review
First off, the computers where down when I stayed at the Downtown Standard. We got a key to a room at about 2AM..a room that was already occupied! Then we had to wait and where give...

The Standard Downtown LA, Los Angeles Hotels : Reviews of The Standard Downtown LA - Yahoo! Travel
With vibrating water beds, a rooftop pool and bar, a 24-hour fitness center and restaurant, and complimentary high speed Internet access, this ho...

The Standard Downtown La, 550 South Flower Street, Los Angeles, CA, US - Guest Reviews and Ratings for The Standard Downtown La and other hotels in Los Angeles
The hotel �� it is a high-rise and former oil company decadent headquarters. We have added 207 rooms and suites with living platform beds, free t1 connections, two line phones, see through bathrooms, in room safes and more. Our restaurant is open early until very late. 24-hour ...

The Standard, Downtown La Los Angeles, California, 550 South Flower Street
The hotel %C2%96 it is a high-rise and former oil company decadent headquarters. We have added 207 rooms and suites with living platform beds, free t1 connections, two line phones, see through bathrooms, in room safes and more. Our restaurant is open early until very late. 24-hour room service, a po...

The Standard, Downtown LA - Los Angeles Luxury Boutique Hotel - 5 Star Hotel in Los Angeles
The room! The shower in the bathroom is cool but you don't share this room with a friend if you feel uncomfortable taking a shower nude in front of your friend 'cos the shower's wall is a window looking into the living/bed room---so it can be awkward if, surprise, you're sharing this room with someo...

The Standard Downtown LA (Los Angeles, CA) - Hotel Reviews - TripAdvisor
I stayed at the Standard for three months on business and can therefore say that I have experienced everything the Standard has to offer, can't be bothered to offer, or offers begrudgingly. The front desk looks for ways to be unhelpful, housekeeping is at best incompetent and apathetic, the room ser...

Roof Bar at the Standard Downtown - Los Angeles, CA, 90071 - Citysearch
I came to L.A for the fabled nightlife and the fabulousness that i see in the tabloids. i found it at the standard. It was a friday night and it was crowded as hell but the bouncer (who happens to be hot as hell) let my friends and i in after about a ten minute wait.. for free mind you. It was great...

Los Angeles - The Standard - Downtown LA - Discount Hotel Reservations
The Standard Downtown LA hotel, located in the heart of LA's financial district and minutes away from the Little Tokyo, is also four miles from Union Station and 22 miles from Los Angeles International Airport. Guest rooms are well-appointed with platform beds, a mini-bar, a flat screen TV, 14 foot ...

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