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Tokkuri Tei

Category: Japanese

808 Sheridan St., Honolulu, HI 96822


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Tokkuri Tei - Reviews from across the web

gayot restaurant reviews
the most enjoyable japanese restaurant in honolulu is not in waikiki, and itis far from the most expensive. the antic decor of tokkuri tei sets you at ease immediately, with garishly colored japanese souvenir lanterns hung everywhere. there are celebrity auto...

Tokkuri-Tei - Honolulu, HI 96815
We had delicious sushi at a venue that looks kind of homey, a little bit like a 'hole in the wall' compared to any of the authentic-looking Japanese eye-candy of sushi restaurants in LA. Situated a bit out of the touristy way, this was certainly the "real thing"- not as commercial ...

Hawai'i's Best Restaurants
Tokkuri-Tei was one of the first izakaya-style restaurants in Honolulu, and the menu has grown along with the clientele. Order bata dishes (sauteed in butter) or kushi yaki (broiled on skewers) or chef Hideyaki Santa Miyoshi's signature spider poke (an award winner involving fish, roe and a chili vi...

Hawai'i's Best Restaurants
Tokkuri-Tei was one of the first izakaya-style restaurants in Honolulu, and the menu has grown along with the clientele: pages and pages of oddly named, delightfully interesting bits and bites. Order contemporary sushi, bata dishes (sauteed in butter) or kushiyaki (broiled on skewers) or chef Hideya...

Tokkuri-Tei, Honolulu - Restaurant Reviews - TripAdvisor
Hard to beat this restaurant for atmosphere and really good Japanese food. The style is similar to an izakaya -- a place for good food and drinks, but the menu has standard lunch and dinner selections. There is a sushi bar as well. The menu is extensive, especially the sake selections. Often busy so...

Tokkuri-Tei Restaurant, Oahu | MyTravelGuide.com
from Atlanta, GA — The food was great... I had the coconut shrimp; my husband had the NY strip. The service was excellent and...

Tokkuri Tei, Honolulu, HI : Reviews of Tokkuri Tei - Yahoo! Travel

Honolulu Star-Bulletin Features
TOKKURI Tei easily lives up to the izakaya tradition of offering a place to stay and drink. The menu is vast and broken down into Tasty Tidbits parts I through VI that will keep you entertained for hours. Everything sounds yummy. An exception may be the fermented soybean dish Natto Ae ($7.50) but th...

Lunch Time Grinds: Review: Tokkuri-tei
We also had the ahi burger (seared ahi covered with cheddar cheese, no bun, served with a rich butter miso sauce), roasted eggplant, sauteed gobo, unagi/avocado sushi roll, and creamy teriyaki tofu (fried tofu squares served with a teriyaki-heavy cr...

Tokkuri-Tei - Honolulu, HI, 96815 - Citysearch
Find what you were looking for? (Hint: You can use the search box in the upper left-hand corner to track down anything you want. We're here to help, s...

The Sushi World Guide: na -> USA/Hawaii -> Oahu Island
This restaurant has been around for quite awhile. It is quite famous, and the wall of celebrities´ photographs at the entrance reflects its reputation. However, for someone who has worked in restaurants in Japan, as well as in Hawaii, this restaurant has lost a lot of its quality. Of course, for som...

Tokkuri-Tei in Hawaii, HI - AOL City Guide
The most enjoyable Japanese restaurant in Honolulu is not in Waikiki, and it's far from the most expensive. The antic décor of Tokkuri Tei sets you at ease immediately, with garishly colored Japanese souvenir lanterns hung everywhere. There are celebrity autographs scribbled on the wall and even a n...

Tokkuri Tei, Honolulu, HI : reviews
Our Family Favorite!: I love Japanese cuisine because everything comes in separate little bowls and dishes. Each morsel a treat for the tastebuds. I, personally don't eat raw fish, but can find plenty of selection on this menu...noodles,poultry, beef, and veggies, veggies, veggies...prepared in many...

LocoKineGrindz » REVIEW: Tokkuri-Tei
Tokkuri-Tei certainly lived up to its reputation and the glowing recommendations I have received about it. All of our dishes were prepared well and served hot in a timely manner. Although the restaurant is not the most beautifully decorated, the quality of the food and service is more than enough to...

Tokkuri Tei, Honolulu, HI
, to gain access to the tool needed to verify this listing and add the menu, description of Tokkuri Tei and other Restaurant...

Tokkuri-Tei Review, Other Restaurant in Honolulu, Hawaii
Tokkuri-Tei has yet to be reviewed. Click on the review this restaurant link above to boost your restaurant review...

Tokkuri Tei | Sushi | Honolulu | United States | DiningSocial | LivingSocial
This service is unofficially live but still under active development. Keep informed b...

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TripAdvisor™ provides recommendations for Tokkuri Tei Sheridan St area , resorts, inns, vacations, travel packages, vacation packages, travel guides, Tokkuri Tei Sheridan St travel...

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