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With nearly 13 million inhabitants living within 840 sq. miles, Tokyo is one of the largest and crowded cities in the world. This means nearly a fifth of the entire Japan’s population resides here and despite this enormous population within a single area, Tokyo is one of the safest, clean and efficient cities in the world with virtually no crime.

Your sensory systems may get an overload once you arrive in Tokyo. When many travelers come to Tokyo, they may expect a city resembling traditional Asian architecture. However, Tokyo resembles a mega metropolitan city with packed subways, stores, and restaurants. One can find satisfy virtually any craving in many of the districts in Tokyo.

Tokyo has many unique districts. If nightlife is what you seek, then head over to Roppongi. It is filled with people from all over the world and it’s always packed with electricity at all hours of the day. It’s common to see people strolling out of night clubs at 5 in the morning. You can choose from a myriad of nightlife activities to attend from bars, clubs, to restaurants.

Interested in checking out the latest electronics Japan has to offer? Akihabara is your answer. Japan, known for its brilliance in electronics, certainly has a district dedicated for electronic shops where you can purchase a vast array of gadgets, anything from handheld televisions to miniature mobile phones.

Ginza has a collection of world class shopping outlets from high fashion outlets comparable to any international city.

Tokyo is a never sleeping city with 24 hour service and people commuting day and night. What make this City particularly interesting are its people. The Japanese are hardworking, honest, and helpful.

If you’re fortunate enough to visit Tokyo, try local restaurants where you can indulge in freshly made udons (Japanese hot noodle) in many of the udon stands that are usually filled with busy commuters looking to get a quick bite to eat before heading off.

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