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Topkapi Palace

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Sultanahmet Square, Istanbul

Topkapi Palace - Istanbul
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Topkapi Palace - Reviews from across the web

Topkapi Palace, Istanbul - Reviews of Topkapi Palace - IgoUgo
There are 4 separate gates, and with each successive gate, fewer and fewer people would be allowed on the grounds; the first was the site of the lodgings of the Sultan's private guards. Nearby were the ovens, a hospital, and the mint that was used for coining currency and manufacturing silverware fo...

Topkapi Palace- Istanbul, Turkey - VirtualTourist.com
The Topkapi made me wish I had visited in spring instead of January (I'll HAVE to revisit). The grounds are huge, and wandering about was a true pleasure. ABout the Treasury: I didn't think it was worth the ($9 USD) admission price, but here is why. It mainly features jewel-decorated items that in t...

Topkapi palace - Istanbul Travel Guide - VirtualTourist.com
Visiting Aya Sofya Museum, The Church of Hagia Sophia, associated with one of the greatest creative ages of man, was also the Cathedral of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople for more than one thousand years. Originally known as the Great Church, because of its large size in comparison wit...

Topkapi Palace - Istanbul - Reviews of Topkapi Palace - TripAdvisor
I enjoyed visiting the palace-it was a sunny day so moving from building to building was an added pleasure. The view from the wall area above the cafe was beautiful. Most of all the Tre...

iExplore Community: Topkapi Palace - Istanbul, Turkey
This is a beautiful palace that was the home of one of the Sultan's and his entire family and those who worked for him. It is huge. The grounds are being beautified and restored continuously. There are some areas inside that contain relics of the royal family, such as swords, dinnerware, clothing, f...

iExplore Community: Topkapi Palace - Treasury - Istanbul, Turkey
There are gold plated thrones, bejeweled plumes used to decorate turbans, the amazing 86 carat Spoonmaker뭩 Diamond and probably the best known object in the collection, the Topkapi Dagger. Golden, studied with jewels and dominated by three large emeralds (one of which conceals a watch face) in its ...

Topkapi Palace in Istanbul
We didn't have time to tour the harem, but it sounds very intriguing. Just the idea of over 1,000 wives and concubines living together in a lush area guarded by black slave eunuchs and frequented by sultans and their sons probably sounds more exotic and interesting than it actually was. The concubin...

Topkapi Palace - Istanbul
The Topkapi Palace, one of the most famous sights in Istanbul, is located at the tip of a spit of land in the European part of city. The palace was built on the site of the old acropolis of ancient Greek Byzantion and after the fall of Constantinople, it became the main residence of the Ottoman sult...

RealTravel - Istanbul Pt.2: Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace | Istanbul Travel Blog | Istanbul Travel Reviews
Topkapi Palace was the last stop in our tour. It was a private residence at one point and I think it is used as some sort of boys school now because we saw lots of pre-teen boys in uniforms being herded by some head matron type guy. There were lots of rooms including a library and some sort of sitti...

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