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Warwick Castle

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Castle Lane, Warwick, CV34 4QU

Warwick Station - this platform for trains to Birmingham and Stratford-upon-Avon
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Sights in Stratford upon Avon - Warwick Castle
fortification dates to 914, and it was later added on to in 1068 by William the Conqueror. Today the 17th - 18th century mansion is surrounded by 14th century fortifications. The property belongs to the Tussaud Group, and many of the great halls, apartments, towers and dungeons are open to tour and ...

Programme of Events at Warwick Castle
Using the latest paranormal apparatus, ghost hunters will be running experiments testing out some of the Castle’s most infamous spook stories and exposing some tricks of the paranormal trade. Guests can join in too and see what science has to reveal about the supernatural. Those tough enough c...

Warwick Castle in the town of Warwick, Warwickshire
The visitor will be impressed by the heavy fortifications. For centuries the castle was the home of some of the most powerful Earls in England. The Earl of Warwick influenced the battles between the houses of York and Lancaster in the...

Warwick Castle Guide | Attraction Travel Guide
ranks amongst the most popular of all Britain’s many historic attractions due to its size, picturesque location and turbulent history. The castle was created as a fortification in AD 914, to protect the small hilltop settlement from Danish invaders who posed a threat to the Anglo-Saxon kingdom...

TimeRef - History Timelines - Warwick Castle
arwick Castle was built on the orders of William the Conqueror in 1068 as part of a defensive chain of castles established to maintain power in his new territories. It is possible that some kind of defensive structure existed on the site in the early tenth century or before belonging to Ethelfleda, ...

Warwick Castle Visit Warwick Castle with the Great British Heritage Pass
Begin your exploration of Warwick Castle at the Gatehouse and Barbican, which was used as protection against invading attackers. Soldiers would be faced with the first iron portcullis and a barrage of crossbow bolts. If somehow the barbican portcullis failed to lower, the attackers would find themse...

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