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Zinneke Parade

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Rue de la Caserne 37 Kazernestraat, Brussel, 1000


Zinneke Parade - Reviews from across the web

Zinneke Parade 2006 : Brussels
Artistic and cultural projects should not live on an island; everyone should be involved. That’s why our partners, apart from local groups, include the public departments for culture and social work, schools from primary school to university, the authorities involved in urban renewal policy, a...

Eurostar - Events: Zinneke Parade (Brussels)
Around 4000 people take part in the parade every year. The Zinnodes, as the preparatory workshops are known, work hard for months in advance to be ready for this street opera , which encompasses all artistic disciplines and crafts, so that everyone, whatever their origin, knowledge or skill, finds a...

Zinneke Parade 2004 @ Bruxel | 0830.jpg photo - Lieven SOETE photos at pbase.com
Zinneke Parade is a fantastic artistic parade by and with citizens, artists and partners from all walks of life. In a spirit of close co-operation across traditional divides [age, language, validity, origin, culture, religion...] Across all the very complicated and asphyxiating political structures ...

ZINNEKE PARADE 2008 - Tourism Wallonia - Brussels (Belgium) - The Official Website of the South of Belgium
A colourful parade with actors, dancers, musicians and other creative "Bruxellois" will invade the town and throw a party for the Zinneke, symbol of cultural diversity in Brussels. An orchestra, giant puppets, hiphop, theatre,... all kinds of entertainment are to be found at this biennial ...

World Events Guide - Zinneke Parade
The multicultural communities of Brussels come together in the middle of the city on this day of colourful, exuberant celebration of the Zinneke Parade. Around 4,000 participants converge in the main avenues of the city centre, creating a carnival atmosphere with brass bands, actors, dancers and mus...

Zinneke Parade: Visitor Information | Brussels, Belgium | Whatsonwhen
The Belgian capital, renowned for its beer, chocolates and spectacular Grand Place, is also the epicentre of continental efforts to build a European federation. A bilingual city (French and Flemish), English is also spoken b...

Zinneke Parade
On May 13th 2006 four-thousand participants will take their highly original costumes, crazy ideas and UROs (Unidentified Rolling Objects) onto the streets in the centre of Brussels. The citizens of Brussels will clamber aboard the tele-time machine to be transported a hundred years into the future. ...

dunia Kelana: Zinneke Parade
This is the first weekend event this summer in Bruxelles. Zinneke is a process in which contemporary artistic endeavour goes hand in hand with local creativity. The cherry...

iExplore Community: Zinneke%2C ketje%2C zwanze%2C etc. - Brussels, Belgium
First of all, Brussels is a city of Zinneke: a mutt, mixed-blood dog, and by extension now, a multi-cultural person. Brussels is so proud of being a Zinneke that it has the huge Zinneke Parade once every two years. Usually, four different processions start at the different geographic corners and joi...

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