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The city of party
Davey says 16 years ago
I've got real fond memories of Amsterdam. Lots of places for skateboards, lax laws and good ol' boys and girls. Can't remember any time I went to Amsterdam and didn't have fun.

Amsterdam ArenA!
James says 16 years ago
I haven't been here but I really want to check out an Ajax vs Feyenoord game here sometime. It's way up on my wish list.
Amsterdam's a cool place from all I heard so it'll be a cool visit. Blew my cash this time around on the Marseille trip but next time.. next time ;)

Next time you're in England
Davey says 16 years ago
Next time you're in England send me a message and I'll take you to a Villa match. Or if off season, may be a tour of Villa Park. Those are quite nice too.

Ran away here once!
Dale says 16 years ago
When I ran away from home from Linz, Austria, Amsterdam was my destination. Here I spent a good 8 days with beggars and the like, socializing with all kinds of curious people.
At night I managed to find some insanely cheap places to stay. This was back in 1998 so they still used Guilders back then so I can't remember how much it was except that it was crazy cheap.
Very nice people and certainly fun to be around.
Nearly landed a job as a hotel bell boy actually.
That could have been interesting... a curious "what if" scenario.
Who knows? Maybe in an alternate reality I could be a Dutch citizen!

More than just coffee
Brandon says 17 years ago
I want to return to Amsterdam and bring many good books here (that would require some level of pondering before coming to a conclusion) and sit in one of those cafes that server more than just coffee and drinks.

Compare and contrast
Julia says 17 years ago
First travel to the Middle East and then travel to Amsterdam. Two completely different places; the Middle East still in its traditions and practices that haven't changed much in the last several years and the other place - Amsterdam - a country of great export and creative gathering of people from all over the world. One thing in common of both places - good THC.

Good point
Brandon says 17 years ago
I second that!

Jonas says 17 years ago
viele Frauen zum zu wählen

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