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Tamara says 12 years ago
my family line comes from liverpool so i like to come and visit england every now and then. its nice to go see the place where my foremothers used to hang out.

I go no further north
Dagmar says 12 years ago
London is the highest city I go to... in terms of north and south.
It is a wonderufl city with good culture, drinks and clubs.
I recommend going in the summer!!

jagjeet says 9 years ago
hi dear h r u

England's First City
Davey says 12 years ago
What can I say? England's first city. It's got great nightlife and plenty of places to go and see. Still hang out here with friends every now and then when I haven't got the money to go visit Spain. Weather's been rather warm as of late anyway.

Eric says 12 years ago
I got to visit London visiting some relatives who live in the outskirts. Magnificient city I'd say. It's rich with history (got its fair bit of museums as well) and monuments about victory at sea, which for so long had been the UK's pride and key to being the world's most powerful country.
The stop here before going to Cape Town was very fulfilling. Don't forget to take a tour of the London Dungeon. That is something you really have to see.

Arsenal, Spurs and Chelsea
James says 12 years ago
I've come to London on more than one occasion, mostly to see Arsenal and Chelsea. Though Spurs vs Arsenal is not to be missed!
The atmosphere of a Premiership soccer match is just unrivaled. Just incredible. In England I'd be pretty neutral about the teams but the action is nonstop and though it's a little pricey, it's worth every penny.

The world in a very small place
Amy says 12 years ago
I was surprised like George about the diversity of London. One minute I'm in front of a sushi store, then I'm in a little street that looks like Hong Kong. I also saw a brochure on "African London."
I loved it here and I'd definitely come back some day.

That Asian street
Davey says 12 years ago
Yeah I saw that as well, the one with ducks hanging from hooks. Quite interesting I reckon!

Pretty Diverse
George says 13 years ago
I spent a couple of weeks in London with a family friend and didn't know there are many different districts of London with every one unique from the other until I got there. There are some ethnic neighborhoods too so you can see a diverse population with many Indian and Islam communities.

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