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Kenyan girl with uji cup

Photo by TheFutureIsUnwritten | Flickr
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The East African Adventure
Eric says 11 years ago
Kenya has some great places to go sightsee. I have only been to Kenya once but the Safari here doesn't disappoint at all. It really is worth a visit and I would probably come here more often if it wasn't too far away from South Africa. I actually crossed over here as an extention of my visit to Tanzania's famed Serengeti National park and took a short look around Nairobi as well.
Places to go see are Masai Mara and Mount Kenya.
I saw the Wildebeest migration in June at the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania but that is connected to the Masai Mara in Kenya. Around June is about right if you want to see this event in Serengeti and a little later if you want to see it in Masai Mara. It's not a certain thing actually because I got to see this migration on my second try. The first time over I missed the migration. But even when I missed it there was plenty to see.

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