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Nice city
Simon says 16 years ago
I actually came here two years ago to attend a friend's wedding and I was impressed. I went to watch a few musicals and got a great view of the South Ferry.

The heart of megalopolis
Dale says 16 years ago
A fantastic city. This was the first place in the US I ever got to see and at that time it was like walking off the plane and right onto a movie set. Anyone who hasn't been to New York should do so. It'll bring life to the places you've seen in movies. In fact, start here and end in Washington DC. That would be a superb double.

America's real capital
Boris says 16 years ago
I reckon this place is America's real capital city. I came here once with my girlfriend (since we're from a small town) and I really was blown away. I don't any other city Ive seen has taken my breath quite as New York did. If you're American, or not, you're missing out if you die without seeing New York.

I love New York!
Amy says 16 years ago
I just don't think there's any place like it.
I don't think it's like London at all. Very different in too many ways. But New York is just great. I think there is just so much history here, not to mention it's interesting because it's the setting of a lot of movies.

That's what I said!
Dale says 16 years ago
Heck, that's what I said. Didn't realize you also got the whole "movie set" feeling as well.

love the broadway shows
Lauren says 17 years ago
I love NY for its museums and broadway shows. You can head over to time square and wait in line to buy a broadway show ticket in the late morning, then go shop around, tour some museums, have dinner later, and then watch the broadway show in the evening before ending the night with some coffee with your friends afterwards.

Con Fusion
George says 17 years ago
NYC and London are very similar in many ways but NYC just seems to be in a larger scale with more different ethnicities and culture. Both cities are fantastic no doubt about that! Both have neighborhoods with much ethnic taste and flavor so you can image what happens when different people come together in a few miles of radius. But isn't this what makes it all interesting and worthwhile?

Hip Hop and You Won't Stop
Scott says 17 years ago
This is the birthplace of hip hop. From RUN DMC to Puff Daddy they all started in these few miles.

Multi Multi
Julia says 17 years ago
I love it how in NYC you can find every ethnicity being represented within a few miles radius. Ethnic food? Forget about it! You just have to be here to experience it for yourself.

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