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Tamara says 16 years ago
absolutely fabulous is what i call paris! it is the place to go and i go whenever i can. i love france and paris is the heart of it. i cant recommend it higher to anyone. go NOW if you havent already. a view from the eiffel tower is super and other places like the arc de triumph and the louvre museum are also a have to see in paris.

Favourite destination
Dagmar says 16 years ago
This is my favourite destination. Paris is such a beautiful city and I love French food in general so I love coming here. I have been to Paris five times and I've still yet to see everything.

What a beautiful city!
Amy says 16 years ago
What a beautiful city! I can't wait to go back!

The new Paris
Dale says 16 years ago
I visited Paris back in '97 and again in 2007 and I must say that the place has undergone some radical changes.
First, back in 1997, my impression of Paris was an unfriendly, smelly and dirty place which I found to be the Michael Jordan of overrating. Disappointed, I decided that Paris was not worth a visit and recommended to everyone else for the next ten years that visiting Paris was not worth it.
In 2007, ten years older and married, I brought my wife over to Europe. She hadn't been to Europe before and desperately wanted to go see the Eiffel Tower. Women. So I decided to grant her wish and armed with my rudimentary French, we went.
The country couldn't have been more different. The people now actually spoke English, they were warm and friendly, helpful, courteous and basically I had never met such a great bunch before. When I spoke in English I spoke it in an obviously American accent and I still got nothing other than courtesy. Not only that but the city didn't even smell anymore.
The Eiffel Tower was good but so was Le Louvre. Especially for those who have read the Da Vinci Code, it's a great place to visit. In fact, they have an audio guide that supports the Da Vinci Code so you can have a tour in the museum based on the novel; a great treat for fans and the curious alike.
My recommendation on Paris: Go there. Many of the negative reviews of Paris are old and outdated. There's plenty to see and you won't get better service.
As for hotels, look for Phenix Hotel (this is the correct spelling). It's a two star Hotel, affordable and right next to L'Arc De Triomphe.

floating in Paris
Katie says 17 years ago
What girl wouldn't like Paris?? I went with my ex bf 8 yers ago and we stayed at... gosh i forget where we stayed but it does not matter because we did not spent much time inside. We took one of those boats along the seine river. My bf and i held hands. It was romantic! Getting around paris is easy also. Subway takes u everywhere. My favorite was shoping at Champs Elyzee. They have many brand names like Louis Vuitton. Also, I got hungry once and step out of my hotel to get some crepes but I got lost. The streets look so similar. So, keep a map in your pocket.

Parlez vous francais?
Janice says 17 years ago
Yes, it does help if you can speak French if you desire to take the unbeaten paths in France (or any native langauge for that matter if you wish to roam around).

One of the fashion capitals of the world
Karen says 17 years ago
One of my favorite places in europe, the people here made me feel self-conscious about myself. All the people look like they are models here. They look so sophisticated and classy, plus they have a great fashion sense.

Paul says 17 years ago
you have to try the crossiants in france. they are really different than what we have back home. french cofee with french pastry is a killer.

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