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Everything but the rain
Tristan says 16 years ago
Ever heard the song too much rain over paradise? well, this place fits the bill.

From Seattle
Simon says 16 years ago
It's good to see some good reviews of Seattle.
I'm not a big fan of the outdoors but I know lots of people here who pretty much live outside in the wilderness during the weekends so there must be stuff going on over there.
The best thing here is obviously the seafood. Enjoy the crabs and salmon. They're better here than anywhere else in the world. If you're nuts about Asian food as I am, Fuji's Teriyaki is pretty good it's in Crossroads Mall. Look for it if you like Asian food and happen to stop by or you can go to Chinatown or even better Uwajimaya where they sell all kinds of neat Japanese things (food mostly). There's a Kinokuniya bookstore in there if you're into Japanese literature.
There's also Kubota Garden where you can see Japanese style gardens including the famous Bonsai Trees.
Whoah did I talk about Seattle or Japan?

Outdoorsman's heaven
Boris says 16 years ago
Seattle is a great way to experience the outdoors for those who can't venture too far off from a major city. I first "discovered" this place while actually stopping by for two days while going to Fairbanks, Alaska but I learned that it had some great outdoors opportunities right here as well. So on the return back I spent a little more time here. I was happy but I think my equipment wanted to go home real quick from all the exposure to nature.

Down to earth....
Magnus says 17 years ago
Seattle is all about the outdoors...... hiking, fishing, skiing, sailing, kayaking. There are lakes, beaches, oceanfront, mountains, and rows of nearby forests and parks. Seriously... it's a treehugger's paradise. But if you like bars, nice american restaurants, art museums, alternative music, good seafood (especially oysters), gourmet coffee, and ferry rides.... then don't let the rain stop you from checking it out.

With Milk and Sugar
George says 17 years ago
If you love coffee, you will love Seattle. There are many cafes that have the bohemian feel to it. Some of the coffee shops roast their very own coffee beans and the aroma will dissemeniate to the streets.

This is the place...
Larry says 17 years ago
This is the place to come to if you're in search to find who you are because there's enough diversity to go around, lavishing the creative minds with ethnic fusion of food, music, and culture. Sooner or later something is going to make a connection with you in some way or form. Are you a musician, artist, or do you care about the well beings of another soul to volunteer? Why don't you come and find out here.

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