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Here for Christmas!!!
Susan says 16 years ago
Well here I am in Japan for this year's Christmas. It's already alluring with its bright lights and colorful districts. I've been to China many times and this time I've opted to see something different and I'm having a blast.
Merry Christmas to you all!

Simon says 16 years ago
I've always been a huge fan of Japanese culture (you can probably tell if you see my review on Seattle lol) so Tokyo is really the cultural mecca for me. I've been to Tokyo three times already and I've loved every trip there.
Tokyo Disneyland was fun but it was too similar to the one in California. I thought there may have been something a little different but it was more or less the same so I looked elsewhere to explore the Japan I came to see.
Edo-Tokyo Museum was one of my stops (Edo is the old name for Tokyo) to get a glimpse of the history of Tokyo. A lot of focus is on everyday life, what most people back then would have considered mundane... but I find it really fascinating.
Tokyo national museum is also worth a visit but be warned as it is HUGE. Nearby is a zoo and a museum that has western art.
Visiting the Tsukiji Fish Market is a MUST for Sushi fanatics.
The Sensoji temple is also a nice place to go and see the place of worship for Buddhists. The Meiji shrine is for Shinto worshipers. Don't forget to leave your prayer on the board!
Also for those who want to see something uniquely Japanese, go to the Kabukiza Theater and catch a show of Kabuki. Granted, unless you know Japanese you won't understand a whole lot but you'll still see all the costumes and performances and of course the Japanese crowd knowing exactly how to react at what parts of the performance.

Tsukiji Fish Market??
Amy says 16 years ago
I totally missed that!!! If I ever get to go back to Japan I'll be sure to check it out. I can't believe I missed out on that. I love sushi. I love my sushi and vodka combination.

Amazing City
Amy says 16 years ago
Tokyo was so amazing that I think some people with epilepsy should be given a seizure warning!
The view from the Tokyo Tower was magnificent, and I really enjoyed the local Sushi and Maki. Sushi is the rice ball with raw fish on top wrapped together with a string of seaweed and Maki is the one where there's raw fish in the middle surrounded by rice which is wrapped on the edges with seaweed. Don't get them confused!
Stay away from the sea urchins.
Akasaka is the district you want to go to for restaurants and clubs.

More Life Here
Allison says 17 years ago
I finally arrived to Tokyo in the morning via Los Angeles from Chicago and I can honestly say that the city life of Tokyo makes Chicago feel like the suburbs. There is just so much electricity here (literally and figuratively) and more foreigners than I had imagined. I thought the morning was busy and I guess I forgot to think what the night life would be and Tokyo did not come short what so ever. Bars, clubs, restaurants, shopping, you name it and it's here.

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